My Banana is your banana by Tsunami & Dreamlogic




Here we go, boys and girls, the wait is officially over. We’ve selected some of our favourite tracks of this unforgettable 2014 summer season, and a couple of good old tunes for your listening pleasure. Lots of different places, festivals, positive and friendly faces, great moments, and , of course, unbelievably fantastic music everywhere! To all the people who made this summer so special for us, a big “thank you”, I’m really happy that you’re part of my life…hope to see you guys all soon, again! 🙂

Special thanks and a big hug goes to my “boat crew”, especially to my Tokyo’s “eastern brother” Yoshikawa…it’s your “fault” that the mix is called like this… 🙂

I hope you’ll enjoy the ride, as much as we did making it.
Enjoy and Share!

Tsunami & Dreamlogic



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