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Green Market in New Belgrade

          Photos: Marija Velinov      Green market in New Belgrade was built and opened in 1972. It represents one of the most sophisticated markets in the city. It consists of 331 stalls and 30 display cases and operates within a large commercial... Read More...
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Beautiful & Old: Kosančićev venac

Photos: Jovana Marković Next to "Dorćol", "Kosančićev venac" is the oldest and the most beautiful urban neighborhood of Belgrade. Kosančićev Venac is located along the elbow-shaped street of the same name, 700 meters west of  the downtown. It developed on ... Read More...
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Kissing Area

  The Brand new project called "Kissing area" happened in Belgrade some time ago.  So, what is it about? "Squares of freedom"  or  "Kissing area" are places where you can express your feelings through a kiss with someone who means something to you... Read More...