circus alternative

If you are used to walk along the Usce river side, you have probably noticed these days a colorful big top of a strange circus on the meadow in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art. Indeed, since few days and till the 27th of September, you can meet dozen of artists settled there for a couple of weeks. They are jugglers, trapezists, acrobats, fire-eaters and came for the festival of contemporary circus in the Balkans «Cirkobalkana ». This is the second edition of this festival which gathers following circus organisations: Cirkusfera from Serbia, Cirkorama from Croatia, Čarobnjakov šešir from Pula and Cirk’Oblique from France.
The goal of the festival is not only to perform some circus venue but to open a space for various local artists to make them discover the circus techniques through various workshops and to give them the 
chance to perform.

alternative circus

Therefore this usually deserted place is now in a bustling mood due to the preparation of the performances which will be held on the week-ends of 20.-21. September and 26.-27. September in which you will get the opportunity to see clown improvisation, acrobatics in the air, manipulation of objects, “magic”, games fire, trapeze but also concerts and music performances. We are far away from the traditional image of a circus. No elephant or tiger is to be seen there, but a mixture of comedy, dance, acrobatics….music in a very poetic and alternative atmosphere.


So don’t miss it and check out the website for further details