Art Bites is a new series of special dinner parties in Drugstore that will combine art, gastronomy, and music. Together with the artist, curator Bogomir Doringer, Drugstore will invite international artists to present their work, while the culinary experts of the restaurant Cveće Zla will create tasty selections for this occasions. Both the music and the food will be selected and designed in relation to the concept of the presented artwork. Club Drugstore as an important cultural hub will host dinner parties as relational art forms that will provide the opportunity to encounter a number of great artists from all over the world that are currently present on major art events and festivals, as well as please the desire for consuming relevant and eminent art in Belgrade. 

On the 1st of June, the first Art Bites event will be presenting a special guests Michela Pelusio and Glenn Vervliet and their project SpaceTime Helix.

SpaceTime Helix is a performance with an opto-acoustic instrument designed by Michela Pelusio. The work explores helical symmetries and infinity, frequencies and geometry, sonic visions and perceptions. The helix is a spinning standing wave in a white string, forming a large helicoid up to the ceiling. Its surface is bright and transparent, with waves running over it, disappearing into the future, more and more distant in space-time.

Standing wave harmonics are the foundation of modern physics and our understanding of reality. In Quantum mechanics the energy levels of a particle are standing quantum-mechanical waves. In String theory, the particles themselves are strings in 10-dimensional space-time and each type of particles is a different standing wave harmonic.

The helix can range from 4 to 12 meters depending on the height of the space. The light frequencies and colors are controlled by the performer through a console built with RGBW LEDs and an Arduino micro-controller. The speed of the helix is controlled by a wearable interface, a ‘breathing corset sensor’, built with an Arduino XBee connected to textile sensors to capture the breathing of the performer. The sounds of the helix are the modulated signals from an electrical pickup and a small solar panel, which act as electromagnetic and optic sensors.

The first helix prototype was created by Michela Pelusio in 2011 and improved and changed over time through collaborations with different artists and technicians.  Since 2016 the live sounds of the performance are live composed by Belgian sound artist Glenn Vervliet.

About the artist:

Michela Pelusio is an Italian artist and curator, who has created and exhibited installations and performances across Europe, Asia and America. She creates immersive audiovisual experiences using space, light, matter and sound, which give the sensation of being present in an environment, magic, and non-recordable. Her research involves the exploration of human perception, art, and science.

The number of visitors is limited, due to art performance restrictions. We kindly invite you to make your reservation at

Ticket price 3600 rsd / including art, music and food – 6 hours of programme

Gathering at 8-8.15 pm / drinks and small bites. Door closing at 8.45 pm  Performance starts right at 9 pm

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