Dijagonala: Fine Dining & Cosmopolitan Feel

dijagonala restaurant

Dijagonala is regarded as one of the top notch restaurants in the city. It is located in the residential municipality of Vračar, right next to the Temple of Sveti Sava, in the old villa that belonged to a Serbian sculptor Djoka Jovanović.  The portraits of the sculptor could be seen on installations created by a local contemporary artist  Lana Vasiljević, who is next to Metaklinika studio, in charge of beautiful interior of the restaurant. The venue itself is quite impressive, not to mention a pretty little summer garden. 

 Dijagonala (Diagonal) is a “younger sibling of an exquisite restaurant Zaplet situated in the property of a young caterer for whom this type of business runs in the family, given that his father was one of the chefs of Josip Broz Tito. After Zaplet has been such a success, the owner decided to transcend some boundaries. So, he set up another fine dining restaurant that aims to appeal to different clientele. The ones who are interested in nouvelle cuisine and superb  contemporary interior design.

dijagonala restoran

There are two levels.  The first level is the main one. It includes a bar, seats and a partly open kitchen. A large red ball hanging off the ceiling, created by Lana symbolizes the moon. Several arty details and installations are included into interior design. The upper level is more like a lounge that works during the evenings and creates a special NYC like atmosphere. The guests mingle, drink wine, chat and enjoy electronic music; mostly deep house, jazz and ambient music.

diagonal restaurant belgrade

It’s an upmarket place, so the prices aren’t the same as in an average Belgrade restaurant, but you get what you pay for because the specialties are top-notch. We recommend that you start with some smoked calf’s heart carpaccio with caramelized nuts, horseradish mousse and plum, steak tartar and a French kiss. Then move on to some homemade riccota gnocchi and mushroom risotto. For the main course you can pick something from National Treasure section as homemade sausage and mućkalica. And finally don’t forget to indulge in a delicious dessert.  We recommend of course the yummy krempita and something really delicious called  “hazelnut soup” that will make your blood sugar run faster. That’s my favorite.


dijagonala restoran

krempita dijagonala

Photos: Bojana Bosh

Address: Skerlićeva 6, 11000 Belgrade 

Reservation is recommended, please call Marija on +381656328757

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