treci beograd

                                                                                             Third Belgrade Gallery 

Third Belgrade is imagined as a live, dynamic and energetic centre for local and visiting artists from the region and worldwide, who exhibit works, run educational workshops and expand knowledge of regional contemporary art market. Treci Beograd consists of a gallery (10x7x4m) and a garden. The gallery acts as a central hub for exhibitions, club nights, lectures, workshops, informal hanging out or artists residence space. The garden has an open stage for various art events.

Initiators: Selman Trtovac, Milorad Miša Mladenović, Anica Vučetić, Olivera Parlić, Sanja Latinović, Marina Marković, Radoš Antonijević, Marko Marković.

Address: Kraljevica Marka 8, Belgrade

its z1

International Test Site Z1/Ritopek 

The International Test Site (ITS-Z1) opened in 2009 in Ritopek on the periphery of Belgrade, on the initiative of New York and Belgrade-based artist Dragan Ilic. ITS-Z1 is a unique experimental art laboratory that functions as working, residential and exhibition space for the programmes of artists and curators from Serbia and abroad. As a unique architectural unit that has an observation point with a magnificent view of 360 degrees (towards Pančevo, and the Danube, or Avala), ITS-Z1 spreads over 20.000 square metres of closed and open space, including an artist residence and a three-part exhibition space of approx 450 square metres.

Owner: Dragan Ilić, artist


Address: Nova 3, 14 a, Ritopek

Contact: +381 64 316 19 16,

macura bd

       Macura museum, Novi Banovci 

The Macura Museum, located in Novi Banovci, is a unique location on Danube bank that presents one of the largest private collections of neo avant-garde art in this region. Opened in May 2008, the Macura Museum informally gathers local and international artists, art historians and critics over the summer and autumn months.

The Museum boasts an exceptional collection of zenitism, yugo-dada, Russian and Polish constructivism, avant-garde, Belgrade surrealism, high modern art, conceptual art, Vienna actionism as well as the Vojvodina neo avant-garde of Vojvodina, that can be enjoyed in the cosy natural surroundings of panoramic Danube bank.

Owner: Vladimir Macura

Address: Zenit 1

Contact: +381 64 472 96 29,,

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