Vibendo is a new social-media and music distribution platform dedicated to music from the Balkans.  It’s a combination between Deezer, Facebook and SoundCloud, but exclusively focused on Balkan music and states.

Reason for this lies in the fact that neither users have a real alternative to YouTube to listen to music, nor the artists are available on the main streaming platforms. Since 04.11.17 platform is online with beta web application version which is accessible over all known browsers from laptop, pads and smartphones, so we are on all devices compatible. For now it’s a small platform, but currently idea makers are in several negotiations with big independent Balkan labels to agree on a possible collaboration during the actual beta phase and in the future. Vibendo is in beta phase mainly to improve its services, introduce new features and collect user feedback to influence the actual mobile app development for Android and IOS devices. A possible release of Vibendo in the app stores is planned for spring 2018.

Vibendo is offering a bunch of benefits for all parties in the ecosystem, so let’s start with users. Users have a social timeline which is known from other platforms like Instagram or Facebook, where they are always updated with the newest vibes (posts) from the friends and artists they vibow (follow). In the music section they can listen to albums, playlists and artists they love. All users have the possibility to create their own playlists and decide if they want keep them private, or offer it publicly. After a platform leaves the beta phase and start to monetize the service this will be an important and hottest benefit for all premium users, as they have the possibility to earn money if their playlists are the most streamed ones. 

For independent artists and major artists Vibendo is offering an up-and-coming and growing platform to build a better and deeper relationship with new fans. Both will get provided great reporting section where they can track a lot things like actual listeners, most streamed songs and so on. Especially for independent artists this platform is offering an uploading section where they can upload easily their tracks for the community and monetize it directly.

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