INSTATUTION (Instagram + Institution) exhibition will take place on the 11th of February in Prozor gallery, at 8 pm. Find FB event here. 

It’s an exhibition of digital or digitally processed images initially placed on social media accounts. There are going to be 12 accounts exhibited. None of those users is a professional artist, which was the ground rule. This is a research project, trying to determine how those images will behave in a traditional institution. Since art theoreticians still consider institutions to be relevant metabolisms in collecting, preserving, archiving and presenting art, are those images going to be accepted as ready-made perhaps? Are they going to change their identity at all? It is a scientific exhibition and each visitor has impact on the result derived from it.

Co-curators: Andrea Tešanović and the algorithm.

Galerija ПРОЗОР
20 h

Afterparty will happen at Bivsi Bar.

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