Saturday, September 30th 2017, 20.30h, National Theatre, Rasa Plaovic stage

This Saturday, September 30th, Japanese Theatre company ,,A la place“ will have an outstanding performance of Checkov’s ,,The Seagull“ in Japanese language in front of Belgrade theatre lovers.

This play was supported by Japan Tobacco International and Japanese Embassy in Belgrade, as part of intensive promotion of Serbian – Japanese relations and long lasting friendship among two countries.

Explaining what motivates him to direct this play, director Tsuyoshi Sugiyama said:

“Chekhov wrote about the people who hope to rise up to the new world, challenging it, and about broken people, who nevertheless refuse to bend down, hoping to stand up and start fighting again. Through writing about these people and their lives with absurd cruelty, Chekhov asked what kills us and what makes us go on. I would like to thank Japan Tobacco International and Japanese Embassy for enabling us to perform again in front of Belgrade audience.”

Two years ago “A la place” performed Dušan Kovačević “Balkan spy” in Zvezdara Theatre. This year they are playing in National Theatre, Rasa Plaovic stage with available translation.

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