While we were walking around Vracar, we came across a tiny restaurant called Miamiam. All of a sudden, I remembered that I had read about this place some time ago on Facebook and decided to give it a try. I wouldn’t want to be like those who hold off recommendations, and to keep them just for myself and a circle of close friends… The truth is that food in this place is more than delicious and I’m getting hungry even as I write this article…

We warmed up with a bottle of Mateus Rosé from Portugal, one Roasted beetroot, avocado and mango salad and Veggie fritters with chickpea and Blueberry sauce, and then decided to choose from some of the unconventional main courses.  Every dish on the short menu seemed to be selected very carefully. There was nothing accidental about it. We opted for the protein option, two different dishes: Pork fillet with mashed corn and Almond-dried apricot stuffed chicken.

miamiam restaurant Belgrade

And, believe it or not, the specialties are to die for! At last, we came across a restaurant in Belgrade where the chef didn’t forget that the taste and flavor are actually more important than the appearance. I mean, don’t take me wrong, all the dishes are very photogenic, but the freshness and taste of the meat itself make a real difference. In addition to meat dishes, there are of course more veggie options that foodies can choose, such as Lentil soup with coconut milk and Avocado toast with or without eggs for breakfast.

We also tasted some wicked combinations of super yummy desserts. Our recommendations are to choose between Caramelized figs with Vanilla sauce and Sweet toast with hazelnut butter and fruits, or even better – taste something called the Chili dessert, a specialty of the Miamiam house. I won’t be giving a description however, but I can tell you it’s spicy, crispy, sweet and vegan. A recipe for this dessert is a well-hidden secret, so try to discover it by yourself.

Miamiam restaurant Belgrade

Miamiam’s interior is very unpretentious. Tiny, but very pleasant and cozy. In fact, it’s perfect for romantic date or a small group celebration, in case you want to rent an entire place. The ingredients are blend of local, international and even Indian ones. Therefore, we can freely say that Miamiam offers a fusion of flavors, not in a current show-off style, but more as an authentic local ‘food porn’ version.

Address: 6 Kursulina St. 11000 Belgrade

Reservations  + 381 65 280 6565 or email us on stillinbelgrade@gmail.com, +381 63 259 156 viber/what’s up



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