The New Appearance of Slavija Square

The new appearance of  Slavija Square will be a synthesis of several proposals. The main requirement was that this reconstruction can be performed in the same time as traffic reconstruction of Slavija . The idea predicts better and faster traffic in the area of the Slavija square and nice looking and useful space in the middle of the ring. 

Trg Slavija_Beograd_Srbija_1X2STUDIO 05




Belgrade, Serbia


Slavija_Square Dimitrija Tucovića


City of Belgrade / Belgrade City Administration


Public space _ Fountain


1256,00 sqm


2012 11 09 _ 2012 12 24




Concept Design


National single stage Competition





Zoran Abadić, Dušan Milovanović, Jelena Bogosavljević, Jelena Zagorac, Milan Karaklić

As a circle, Slavia’s event includes a circular motion, especially for drivers. The project identified the given zone of underground passages as an opportunity to get on the subway level again and affirm the circuit as a form and as an event, but this time in the form of pedestrian movement. Achieving an uninterrupted flow of the movement of pedestrians, which has so far been slow because of disintegration of pavement. Cascading drop which is characteristic for the fountain as a form of spectacle is here interpreted in terms of slits, which creates the the space on the underground level ​​for placement of people who are exposed to the scene of the spectacle.

Elements of spatial solutions include: oversized drain (fountain), circumferential ring with pedestrian entrances to the street level, connecting communications- that connect the peripheral and central pedestrian ring and the central square in the form of a ring. Pedestrian circumferential ring that touches the entirely occupied zone in the underground makes a  pure circular form that  bounds pedestrian movements and projects them in the same round as the affected vehicles above.

Trg Slavija_Beograd_Srbija_1X2STUDIO 07

Trg Slavija_Beograd_Srbija_1X2STUDIO 09


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12 Responses

  1. Ralph

    Too bad the city chooses to put the people under the ground, instead of cars. Slavija could have became a beautiful place for people to enjoy, instead of cars to prevail…In other countries people are put under the ground once they’re dead, in Belgrade much earlier….Missed opportunity to make the city a little bit better….

    • Lorenzo

      @Ralph : Exuse me man but what are u taliking about?!People under the ground,cars above..did u ever visit one big city?They are all more underground then above because of the subways that take place.Belgrade doesn’t even have still subway the people are all up!If u don’t like Belgrade it’s your choice,I’m Italian and I’m in love with BG.

    • zoran

      o cemu prica ralf, pa ovo je velegrad, ne moze se od svakog skvera praviti oaza za pesake, ako se pesacima seta neka idu u sumu , na zvezdaru , adu…

  2. Z\mBH

    You are both right, its too bad that people in this place would be under the ground (or on any other “square” like that…and true, in the most of the town everything is up.
    This square is too complicated to be design only as square…here, square, trafic, and much more have to be design together and it have to be more complicated. This competition for square is bad, because designers have to work only on square… in other side it would be more complicated project and depending more on trafic flows of town…

    • Ralph

      I agree with the fact that the competition was wrong. It would have been much better to have an integrated plan for the square and the traffic, but somehow that didn’t happen. I hope there will not be enough money to realize the design of the square and that we all have to wait some more, until there will be an integrated approach to ‘solve Slavija’. I hope that in the meantime the mayor of Belgrade will listen to his colleague in Rio de Janeiro first, who has 4 very good advices to make a city better in the future:

  3. Z\mBH

    For this conceptual phase of designing of Slavia, first, it shouldnt be only architectural but artistic competition. And, It would be better that competition wasnt been so strictly defined, but more made to let people imagination go..than there would be more ideas, original ideas.

  4. Milos

    What are you talking about? Slavia is one of most important intersection in the city with traffic flow of 4000 veh and 500 transit vehicles per hour.
    It is a huge roundabout , and like any other it is inconvenient for pedestrians. There are a lot of pedestrians there, and they make uninterrupted flow over the streets and block the intersection. Only solution here is to make underground passages. There are other places in the city where you can enjoy.

    Although i generaly like the idea, i think that is unnecessarily to make a small “pedestrian” roundabout in the underground, because it extends their routes. Generally pedestrians does not like roundabouts, because there is no direct route, and they need to go circular around the intersection. In this case you just reduced the roundabout radius and made them go underground with only small benefits to pedestrians itself. Paths should be direct as possible, it saves money and time. That underground circle (fountain) should be walkable and it will make your design possible for practicaly implemetation.

  5. Dule

    I don’t like it, because it would cut out the view for drivers and would be very dangerous for traffic. Number of car crashes would increase at least double or triple.

  6. hm

    Ma šta priča taj Zoran? Stanovnici ako žele uređenje Slavije nalik svemu tome što je predloženo ovim projektom neka javno kažu. I, savet za Zorana je baš upravo sve što predlaže drugim ljudima primeni na sebi.
    Meni se ovakvo uređenje lično ne dopada iz razloga što se uzaludno troši voda. Jeste, impozantno izgleda, ali još spektakularnije će izgledati skoriji nestanak pijaće vode na planeti, pa će prizor tehničke vode iz vodoskoka i fotografisanje uz mozda bez automobila delovati onako baš sentimentalno. Grad Beograd pošto je glavni grad jedne Srbije koja nije na zavidnom nivou bolje bi bilo da razmišlja o rešenju nadzemnog saobraćaja i konačno izgradi, pa i lakši metro no što mašta o velelepnim fontanama. To može i kasnije.

  7. Z\mBH

    “The main requirement was that this reconstruction can be performed in the same time as traffic reconstruction of Slavija.”

    In competition proposal goals, there was no intetions in reconstruction and new designs for traffic..


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