Rainbow party will be taking place at the club Secer in 17 Svetogorska St. on Friday, January 12. Line up: Zoa, Banda Panda & Alek Boskovic. Tickets can be purchased at the door, at the price of 250 RSD. 

Like an open and flexible platform, BP connects a wide variety of young and talented artists.
Banda Panda’s team leader is a Belgrade based DJ and graphic designer, Dusan Lilic.
Besides Dusan, the most prominent members of the team are Johana B. and NNPavlovic.

BP got fairly famous in a short amount of time, thanks to their parties, that are always featuring with an artistic programme , each prominent party having its own teaser, and inspired art performances.

BP has been a host to many known DJ-s: Acid Arab, YØR, Juju & Jordash, Ludovic Llorca, Matias Aguayo, Jassica 6, Linstrom, Rodion, Etc Etc.


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