Savamala is focused around the Karadjordjeva street busy with heavy traffic that connects the Old town with the bus and train stations. It shows a rich heritage of invaluable historical buildings from the 19th and the early 20th centuries and a number of relics from the Ottoman period.

Given that the Communists decided to build New Belgrade across the river and had no plans whatsoever of investing in Savamala, this area fell into a state of neglect and disrepair developing a vile reputation. Industrial heritage such as depots and warehouses from the 19th century seem to have fallen into oblivion.

Up until the year 2008 with the onset of the bottom-up urban development followed the first stage of gentrification. In Brace Krsmanovica Street a brand new cultural centre appeared inside 19th century warehouse, followed by Mikser House creative industries focal point and annual Mikser festival, and the club Mladost. So far Savamala has experienced a few stages of gentrification and could be threaten by hypergentrification in the near future due to Belgrade Waterfront project.

In case you would like to take a tour and get to know Savamala better find more info here.




KC Grad is a multi-functional space for various events ranging from parties, concert, art exhibitions, fashion shows, movie projections, workshops etc.  In a nutshell  is a ‘cultural center’.  The space is powered by Cultural Front Belgrade and the Amsterdam Felix Meritis Foundation. It’s located in an old warehouse dating from 1884, in an inner-city  former industrial zone known as ‘Savamala’. The club is a favourite haunting place for Belgrade hipsters and art lovers, and in broad daylight  it functions as a coffee bar. KC Grad has hosted many super trendy musicians and bands such as the NYC underground band Jessica 6 and  artists from Cologne Kompakt label. It is definitely a place worth a visit.

Location: Braće Krsmanovića 4, 11000, Belgrade



Focal point of Creative Industries in Savamala “creative quarter” converted from the 19th century warehouse. It seems to have this industrial chic with a modern twist. The space is used for conferences during Mikser Festival, but also talks, an independent theatre, tango nights, DJ gigs, concerts, design salon. Drinks are served there and you can catch Wi-Fi while working on your notebook.

Address: Karadjordjeva 46, 11000 Belgrade 


Bar Mladost looks like a mini Tube with a very similar interior, created by architect Đorđe Gec, with the same clearly defined lines, concrete and wood. It also offers the same music selection as the Tube, from tech and deep house to funky. Popular local DJs, such as  Peppe and Tijana T play here on a regular basis. It is connected with the other two venues:  Bar Ludost, the new club Gadost and Radost restaurant. During the day Ludost works as a regular coffee bar.                           

  Open Thu-Sat 

  Location: Karađorđeva 44, 11000 Belgrade


 Since the legendary Tube is now closed parties with the same concept have moved to Gadost club which is located in the Savamala borough on the same place where Mladost, Ludost and restaurant Radost have stood for a few years now. Music seems to be directed towards techno, deep and tech house. Here you can mostly listen to local DJ collectives and sometimes some bigger foreign names.

 Location: Karađorđeva 44, 11000 Belgrade


Trendy, up-market club is located in one of the pillars of  Brankov Bridge. It has a refined and quite beautiful interior, which was designed by architect Đorđe Gec. Brankow’s location is unique, representing a fusion of urban, industrial and avant garde. Similarly its music selection is also quite distinctive, from hip hop to house. The crowd tend to be somewhat older than in the rest of  Belgrade’s clubs (+30). The club has been designed for well heeled people, so the prices tend to be high.

Open Wed-Sat o9-o4 am

Location: Crnogorska 12, 11000 Belgrade  


Galerija Štab ( Š is pronounced as SH meaning the headquarters) is a unique place in Belgrade. It is located in the Heart of Savamala spreading good vibes and music, gathering place of actors, artists and the city crowd.

This venue is an Art Gallery, that works every day from 9 am till 5 pm.


Photos by Marija Velinov 

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