Ozone is one of Belgrade’s most popular art spaces. The idea behind Ozone is to present four different zones – Art3ONE, Eko3ONE, Science3ONE and Open3ONE – each of them representing different projects based on art, technology and science.

Ozone is the perfect space for art exhibitions, seminars, promotions and lectures.

            Address: Uzun Mirkova , 11000 Beograd 

            Open Mon-Fri 12-20 pm , Sat 14-20 pm

            Website: www.o3one.rs



Remont is an independent art  association and one of the coolest art galleries in town. The gallery presents various art projects, most of which feature Serbian artists.  Here one can see quality modern art,  from photography and paintings to video installations and sculptures.

    Address: Maršala Birjuzova 7, 11000 Beograd

   Open Mon-Fri 11-18 pm

    Website: www.remont.net 



Located in the very heart of the city on “Andrićev venac” next to the popular Ozone gallery. Nova presents and promotes Serbian contemporary art, and artists from a variance of artistic fields.

    Address: Andrićev venac 6, 11000 Beograd

   Open Mon-Fri 16-19 pm Sat 11-14 pm

    Website: www.novagalerija.net

  • ULUS

Ulus is one of the art spaces owned by the Association of Serbian Artists, Serbia’s most important art association with a heritage dating back to 1919. Here one will find solo or group exhibitions of the ULUS members.

      Address: Knez Mihajlova 37, 11 000, Beograd

      Website: www.ulus-art.org



           The institute is located in the upper part of “Dorćol”, in Čika Ljubina street. It’s main goals are promoting and presenting Spanish and Latino American culture. Cervantes also organises the following activities: lectures; debates; film projections; seminars about fine arts, art history, architecture, science and languages. Its programme consists of exhibitions, concerts and festivals.

            Address: Čika Ljubina 19 , 11000  Beograd

           Website: belgrado.cervantes.es

           The Sanu gallery is one of the most important art spaces in Belgrade. It was created by The Serbian Academy of Science and Arts in the 70s. Activities of the gallery include organinsing studies; problem-oriented, topical, retrospective, mono-graphic exhibitions in the sphere of art, science and culture; issuing publications; organising lectures related to the exhibitions; and the collection and-safe keeping of items of visual arts owned by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. In this gallery one can see large retrospectives of works from the most eminent Yugoslavian and Serbian artists such as Sava Šumanović, Milena Pavlović-Barili and Paja Jovanović…

            Address: Knez Mihaljova 35, 11 ooo, Beograd

           Website: www.sanu.ac.rs. 


    Kulturni Centar Grad (Culture Center Grad) is one of my favorite urban spaces in town. It is located in a light industrial and nowadays very hip zone called “Savamala”,  below Brankov bridge. KC Grad offers various programmes from lectures and debates to art exhibitions, concerts, parties and film projections. It consists of two large floors, which work well for all sorts of events. This is where popular label artist Kompakt has played on many occasions and where NYC underground band Jessica 6 performed for the first time in Serbia.

              Address: Braće Krsmanovića 4, 11000 Beograd

             Website: www.gradbeograd.eu
  • MSUB 

The Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art presents the latest trends in visual arts through exhibitions of  local and international artists. It also presents numerous curatorial projects, presentations, debates and lectures. MSUB is a very important place for art and definitely a place art lovers should visit.


      Address: Pariska 14, 11000 Beograd

      Website: www.msub.org.rs

    Launching in 1973, this gallery is located quite a long way from the city center at Požeška 83a, in a lovely suburb called “Banovo Brdo”. The logo for Gallery 73 was designed by Zagreb’s prominent architect and designer Vjenceslav Rihter and it won ‘best conceptual design’ in a competition at the time. Since then the logo has stood for the visual identity of this famous gallery. Gallery 73 organizes solo and group exhibitions of local and foreign artists.

                Address: Požeška 83a

                Open  Mon-Fri 10-20 pm, Saturday 10-15 pm

                Website: www.galerija73.com


  • DOB 

Cultural Center Dom Omladine Belgrade (DOB) is a famous culture and art space in downtown Belgrade. Dom Omladine covers all the artistic disciplines and forms: visual arts and new media, film and music. DOB also covers educational and debating programmes. The space consists of three big rooms for conferences, parties, concerts or debates. It is also where the the popular Share Conference and International Film Festival are held each year. DOB contains a cinema, bar, gallery and an internet corner.

Every year over 180,000 young people attend over a thousand of DOB’s programmes.

Address: Makedonska 22, 11000 Beograd

Open Mon-Sat 10-22 pm

Website:  www.domomladine.org


  • SKC 
    SKC (Student Culture Center) opened in 1986. It was formed by the University of Belgrade and the Association of Belgrade Students. It is located beside Dom Omladine and is the pivotal place for contemporary art and culture in the city. The space contains a gallery and two big rooms for concerts, exhibitions and parties. Numerous festivals have been held here. SKC is where Marina Abramović, at the beginning of her career, used to do art performances and where DJ Hell, Luciano and many other poplar musicians have played.

             Address: Kralja Milana 48, 11000 Beograd

              Website: www.skc.org.rs


  • KCB

Kulturni Centar Beograd (the Cultural Centre of Belgrade) was founded in 1957 as a multi-disciplinary cultural institution. Exhibitions, discussions, lectures, concerts, debates, music and film festivals take place here. In its galleries, and also at other locations around the city, KCB organises one of Belgrade’s most important international visual arts exhibitions – “The October Salon”. KBC is located in the main pedestrian street of “Knez Mihajlova”, just next to the main city square – Republic Square.


           Address: Knez Mihajlova 6, 11000 Beograd

           Website: www.kcb.org.rs


  • CZKD       

The Center for Cultural Decontamination (CZKD)  is an independent cultural institution. Through performances, exhibitions, concerts, public discussions, lectures and street actions, it works to promote the freedom of expression and  freedom for creativity. CZKD is responsible for the following activities: Creating original cultural events including knowledge and art production; developing new digital platforms for progressive information policies; promoting and restoring the concept of public space, public good and public interest; organising public programmes in response to breaking events; designing events that address human rights, social, cultural, economic and political issues; hosting meetings and workshops of NGOs, international organisations, local governments and others.


             Address: Paviljon Veljković, Birčaninova 21, 11 000 Beograd

             Website: www.czkd.org

Parobrod is a cultural center located in the famous historical area of Belgrade called “Dorćol”. It has as its mission to promote, present and produce cultural events, as well as other kinds of communications and interactions. It’s quite a popular cultural center these days, and they often host good artists and exhibitions.



Address: Kapetan Mišina 6a, 11000 Belgrade 

Website: www.ukparobrod.rs


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