Today we present our selection of top 10 best “design” bars and restaurants in Belgrade. In case you would prefer to discover more restaurants and bars from even wider selection contact Belgrade Restaurants, book a table in your favorite restaurant through the website and get informed about the latest happenings in the city. 

Salon 1905

Salon 1905 is situated in the historic Geozavod building, which is located in the centre of Belgrade’s Old town in the Savamala area. The restaurant’s name underlies the fact that the building was built in 1905, and yet still hints at its sister restaurant  which we hopefully have all become very familiar with. On entering the building, you’re greeted by friendly staff, and you make your way up the grand marble stairs  leading to the restaurant entrance. Once inside, you are immediately struck with awe  by the epochal interior which simply strikes the visitor dumb with admiration. From its impressive high ceiling, to the Baroque and Art Nouveaux blends of marble, brass and gold, one gets overwhelmed with the feeling that they’ve entered a truly opulent space, one from the likes of Paris or Vienna.

What is perhaps even more fascinating, is the fact that you feel very much at home in the midst  of all this lavish luxury. The area is divided into a bar – lounge area, decorated by a large oak bar and the dazzling colours of the various bottles in it, and the spacious yet intimate dining area.

Address: 48 Karađorđeva St. I floor, Geozavod building, 11000 Belgrade


 comunale restoran COMUNALE

Comunale restaurant is in one of the best locations in the city.  The architects of the “project” known as Beton Hala or Concrete Hall at the Sava Port seem to have created a chain of attractive looking places right here on the Sava River. The creator of the interior design and concept of the restaurant Comunale, Aleksandar Rodić again opted for a rather bold approach. The pioneering efforts of many Serbian caterers and restaurant owners to introduce community tables have almost never come to fruition. Here Alexander manages an uncompromising space full of just this, no alternatives. As the name itself suggests a  gathering of its kind, guests at Comunale sit in large numbers at the same table and feel comfortable, because they are all there for the same purpose. They are here to enjoy high-quality Italian specialties. The aesthetics are clean and monochromatic, as is the architecture of the space itself. Large spaces, monolithic structures in-line with the way things are arranged with the central bar in the middle are all very Comunale. Aleksandar has achieved a combination of steel and veneer with utmost perfection and that multiplies and combines with stainless chairs and monolithic benches.

Address: Karadjordjeva 2-4, Savamala,  11000 Belgrade


homa restaurant belgradeHOMA

Homa is situated in the Lower Dorcol that seem to have become a very trendy part of Belgrade in the last several years when it comes to coffee culture, drinking and dining. Interior design of the restaurant is simple, dominated by white color and light that has been achieved with the help of milky white lamps in the shape of a sphere. Black metal tables that contrast with white wooden chairs break the bleak and arid atmosphere of the restaurant. Inside, as well as in the garden, there is a large black and white bar framed with concrete.

Location of the restaurant itself is quite unique. Industrial zone is just round the corner, but customers can feel as if they were sitting in the oasis of peace and tranquility. Specific menu, fusion cuisine, a mixture of flavors and tastes of local, European, South American and Asian cuisines are the expertise of the main chef.

Reservations +381 63 259  156 what’s up/viber/sms 

or send us email with subject: Homa reservation on 



Supermarket Deli is located in the space where Playground restaurant used to exist some time ago, in Topličin venac, right next to popular park Palas where youngsters like to hung out. Interior was designed by Marko Basarovski. It appears like a big window, inside you will see raw walls, wooden elements and cool chandeliers. On the left side there is one cozy green sofa which is my favorite spot for sitting. Food selection and the prices are basically the same as in the former Supermarket concept store.

Address: Topličin venac 19-22, 11000 Belgrade 




mladost bar  DISCO BAR MLADOST

Mladost looks like a mini version of iconic Tube with a very similar interior, created by an architect Đorđe Gec. It has the same clearly defined lines, and lots of concrete and wood. It also offers the same music selection as the Tube, from tech and deep house to techno and funky. The best local DJs, such as Marko Nastić, Peppe, Vuk Smiljanic perform here on a regular basis. Mladost is definitely  one of the most hip places in the city.

  Address:  Karađorđeva 44, 11000 Belgrade  





Next to Mladost stands another bar called Ludost. They are actually twin bars linked by a corridor, so during the evening the guests can easily move from one bar to another. The interior of Ludost is quite different, but has also been designed by the studio of Fluid Arhitektura.  Ludost Bar is designed as a comfortable place and it is primarily intended for hedonists who enjoy disco and house sounds played by old school Belgrade DJs such as: Peppe, Pookie. …. The interior has a minimalistic design with special emphasis on wood and leather. The bar offers a diverse range of cocktails and wines.

Address:  Karađorđeva 44, 11000 Belgrade    


podrum wine bar PODRUM WINE ART

Podrum wine art is located in the heart of Belgrade, on the corner of Visnjićeva and Jevremova Street. The bar is very attractive looking with an authentic blend of the modern and the rustic. Their goal is to offer a positive experience of enjoying wines from around the world. This wine bar will come as a complete surprise with its exquisite selection of various delicacies that are matched with wines from their generous wine list. Check it out for yourself.

  Address: Višnjićeva 7, 11 ooo Belgrade  




salon 2SALON 5

Located in a converted apartment of a period building in Belgrade’s historical area of Zemun, Salon 5 has quickly gained reputation as one of the city’s superb places to wine and dine in. The restaurant is run by two old friends, Nikola and Pavle. Nikola mastered the art of restaurant business, having worked as a sous chef in Italy for almost a decade, while Pavle is an avid art collector running a prominent design studio. Together, they have opened Salon 5 as an alternative to Belgrade’s current restaurant scene, serving the finest Italian cuisine in an intimate and refined atmosphere.  This is not your average cool-looking restaurant. It looks more like a private dining room, but with no pomp. The overall impression inside is one of elegance and warmth. The space is fitted with classic Italian and Scandinavian furniture, paintings of eminent artists of the Modernism period hanging on the walls absorbed in soporific sounds ranging from Brazilian bossa and 1960’s jazz to the more contemporary ambient electronica.

Address: Avijatičarski Trg 5, Zemun, 11000 Belgrade 

Reservations +381 64 549 6833




This up-market club is located in one of the pillars of Brankov Bridge. It has a refined and quite beautiful interior, which was designed by architect Đorđe Gec. Brankow’s location is unique, representing a fusion of urban, industrial and avant-garde. Similarly its music selection is also quite distinctive, from jazz and funky to hip hop and house. The crowd is a bit older than in the rest of Belgrade’s clubs (+30). The club has been designed for people with cash, so the prices are not so affordable.

 Address: Crnogorska 12, 11000 Belgrade




Gnezdo is an organic restaurant, located in one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings in Belgrade. The restaurant is hidden in the area which is with a little effort turned into an ideal surrounding with the view of historical Savamala. The interior looks minimalistic and eye-catching. Its  concept  combines healthy ways of thinking and a modern lifestyle. Music selection ranges from jazz to classical. The restaurant is pet friendly.


Address: Karađorđeva 43, 11000 Belgrade 


dorcol przionica


In the former industrial zone of Lower Dorćol stands Pržionica.  A micro-roaster and coffee bar with a completely new concept: a roaster, a shop and a coffee-shop all in one. The furniture is made of wood and steel. Pržionica offers freshly roasted high-quality coffee. Their intention is to take care of all the stages of the preparation of coffee, from the raw beans to the perfect cup of espresso. Guests can be a part of the whole process as everything is open and within easy reach. 

The specific method of medium roast frying gives more aroma and fuller flavor than the classic dark roast. In addition to preparing espresso, they also offer other types of coffee: French press, air press, drip coffee and others. All coffee styles can be purchased in the bar. 

Address: Dobračina 59b, 11 000, Belgrade


In case you would prefer to get to know the inner city areas better and experience Belgrade like a local we suggest  booking Creative in Belgrade or Dorcol for Lost & Found tours.

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