Kaste is a delightful new hidden spot at the heart of Belgrade created with lots of love by two culturally diverse individuals who share the same passion for design, music and hospitality. Basically it’s a mixture of memories, experiences and personal backgrounds all in one place, where everyone can feel comfortable, free to share their own personal moments between friends and other guests.
The owners tend to bring in warmth, serenity, peace and calm and above all originality to personally selected vintage interior, in order to make each  guest feel at home, therefore their named a Bar – Kaste which stands for Home in Southern Italian dialect,  the Bari or Pugliese dialect to be more precise.

bar kaste-cocktail bar in belgrade
Since one of the creators of Kaste is of Italian origin, he personally felt like  sharing his homemade food recipes, which he cultivated over the years during the encounter of numerous preparations for typical Pugliese family lunches and dinners whereas the other half of the “lovely” duet, the one of the Serbian descent, has supported the Italian guy to give it a go at mixing Kaste’s Pugliese helpings with products ‘off the Serbian turf ‘- not letting him for a moment get carried away in thinking that he can somehow steal all that glory.

The Italian guy  wanted to share his expertise in classical yet superior quality cocktails with the restaurant guests where knowledge and expertise will not fail to impress  in order to create the superb flavours and feelings. There is a list of cocktails that are called the “specials”. The “specials” are cocktail recipes concocted by Giuliano and his fellow barmen colleagues from all around the world. Let us not forget  that Kaste also serves coffee, tea, soft drinks, several types of wine starting from south Italian to the Serbian ones, refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails and beer such as Kabinet (Serbian craft beer), Sol, Zajecarsko, Budweiser…..to name but a few.

bar kaste cocktail bar in belgrade

A mixture of retro, bohemian and industrial interior design, items selected from Italian and Serbian flea markets as well as old items from their personal vintage collection. Enriched with a selection of records from jazz, funky, disco and electronica to classical, old school rock and pop.


The hidden garden’s concept will be a surprise and will be ready to welcome the warm coming weather around March.

Location: 4 Deligradska St. 11000 Belgrade 


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