What happened to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade?


Five years have passed since the building of the Museum of Contemporary Art was first closed to the public for reason of reconstruction & adaptation – works which to date have still not been completed. In fact the statutory period of one year was broken quite a long time ago. The first phase of work has been completed (roof, basement, power supply block), but an indication of when funds will be provided in order for the second phase to proceed (facade, interior) is missing.

The Museum of Contemporary Art building (known as the MSU or Muzej savremene umetnosti), is one of the most dedicated museum buildings to be built in Serbia. It was constructed in 1987, has been declared as a building of cultural heritage – yet lies in the dysfunctional condition of an abandoned construction site and in a state of ongoing decay. Halting the renovation of buildings along the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers has led to the cessation of the museum functioning as a ‘place of specified local art’ and its disappearance from the cultural map of Belgrade and Serbia, has led to the question of

“What happened to the Museum of Modern Art?”

A question asked now and then in the public domain, and which remains floating in the air, no concrete answer to be heard.

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