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The culture of “loft living” and ex industrial transformations began in the west around the 70s with the end of the industrial era. Due to different economic, social and cultural circumstances this process started much latter in Belgrade. However, since 2000s, with a help of local initiatives, revitalization of city’s industrial heritage started gaining momentum.

In this pocket guide we have selected 10 interesting places that should be worth your while!

Fish & Zelenis


Fish & Zelenish restaurant found its place in a former industrial space called Concrete hall (Beton hala ) on the Sava riverfront. The first Fish & Zelenish emerged in downtown Novi Sad and after a while it became one of the most popular restaurants in the entire city. Belgrade’s FARO by Fish & Zelenish represents a more up-scale version of the original restaurant, enriched with beautiful industrial interior design which includes a stage for jazz and instrumental music. Menu offers various delicious food options inspired by the Mediterranean culture and gastronomy.


Mladost-Ludost club claster@Nevena Paunovic Lonely Planet


This is the most popular club cluster in Belgrade. The building used to be a storage for Tech equipment in Yugoslavia. Nowadays, it has been transformed into 5 night clubs and 1 restaurant. You can pick your pick. This space hosts clubs with different interior designs, as well different music programmes. If you are into techno and you are in your 20s, you might find club Gadost (located in the basement) suitable for your taste. Bar/club Mladost (focus on techno/house) is located on the ground floor, next to another “ground floor” club Ludost, which is focused more on “commercial” pop and hip hop music.

If you wish to have a pleasant dinner and enjoy some live music then check out Radost restaurant.  Also, if you are in your 30s or 40s, or 50s you can visit club Gajba in the penthouse and catch some house and funky music. Our favorite is a tinny club called Taman, located also in the penthouse, next to the club Gajba. Here we like to listen to local DJ collectives and Djs such as Nikola Vemic, Akioki, Petko and grab some cocktails.  Taman often works until 4 am, but after-hours are usually available at the club Gadost, in the basement.


nova iskra
Nova Iskra


This is the first design incubator in Belgrade. Like the previous places, this one is as well located in Savamala area. When you enter the space in the building (ring Nova Iskra), you will get this Amsterdam feeling (in terms of design, not drugs). Nova Iskra works as a co-working space, space for presentations and debates and commercial agency offering different kinds of design and branding services.


eugster ii belgrade gallery
Eugster II Belgrade


You might find yourself wondering around Palilula neighborhood in search for this hidden gem. This London like art space offers cutting-edge art from Serbian and foreign art scene. This art space is actually transformed warehouse which stands in the ex-industrial zone on the Danube river.

Opening hours:

Wednesday 5 – 7 PM

Saturday 2 – 6 PM


rakia belgrade
Urban Distillery


The first urban/ rakia distillery opened in the former industrial zone of the Lower Dorcol (Donji Dorcol). It is located right next to the space called Belgrade Market, and already well-established fine dining restaurant Homa. This unique space is in the ownership of Rakia bar and they offer the first treasury of rakia, where visitors can find more than 30 types of highest quality rakias produced  in Serbia. You can choose shots from 20% to 40% of alcohol and buy bottles that are filled and labeled before your eyes. Our new favorite tastes are honey (Medovaca) with mint, raspberry rakia and the special flavor inspired by the traditional plum rakia (Sljivovica) labeled as rakia BRANKO (a special recipe by Branko the founder).


drugstore belgrade


So-called techno cathedral Drugstore found its place in the former industrial quarter of Palilula neighborhood. After a great success this underground club achieved in the Beko building downtown, they started a new concept in this new riveting venue which is a far cry from Berghain Berlin though, dark, raw and rough around the edges, situated in what used to be a  slaughter house. Space is big (600 m2), it can accommodate up to 1000 people and it includes wide cathedral like room and corridors. The owners, some local guys, usually host big names from underground electronic music scene and throw  parties on 2, sometimes 3 stages. Brace yourselves up for techno, underground house and alternative bands from local and international scene.  Let me drop a few names: Molly Nillson, Dasha Rush, Xanax, Trax, Elektrabel, Jor, Dimi Angelis and many more. Drugstore is an independent club, supports artists and local DJs as Filip Xavi, Tijana T, Grof, Banda Panda etc. It’s open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Don’t  miss Drugstore’s garden in the summer time!


kc grad
KC Grad


KC Grad is a multi-functional space for various events ranging from parties, concert, art exhibitions, fashion shows, movie projections, workshops etc.  In a nutshell it’s a ‘cultural center’, located in a former warehouse dating from 1884, in an inner-city former industrial zone known as Savamala. The club is a favorite haunting place for Belgrade hipsters and art lovers, and in broad daylight it functions as a coffee bar. KC Grad has hosted many super trendy musicians and bands such as the NYC underground bands and artists from Cologne Kompakt label. It is definitely a place worth a visit.


Przionica D59B


 In the former industrial zone of Lower Dorćol stands Pržionica. A micro-roaster, a shop and a coffee-shop – all in one. Pržionica offers freshly roasted high-quality coffee. Their goal is to take good care of all coffee prep stages, from the raw beans to the perfect cup of espresso. Guests can be a part of the whole process as everything is done in the open and within easy reach. The specific method of medium roast frying gives more aroma and fuller flavour than classic dark roast. In addition to preparing espresso, they also offer other types of coffee: French press, air press, drip coffee and others. All coffee styles can be purchased at the bar.

On Sundays, you can catch DJ sets by local and foreign guests, since the owner himself is a DJ and a member of locally famous Soul Print label.


dim belgrade


Dim is a venue situated in the bar district of Cetinjska St. It’s a twin brother of techno cathedral Drugstore and therefore visitors can expect lots of different kinds of electronic music, and local and foreign performers. The bar itself is situated in the space that used to be a brewery, which provides a unique industrial appearance and a sense of underground culture. Dim opened a studio space and launched the record label some time ago.

Did I mention that you can grab the best gin tonic in this place?!

DIM works every day from 6 pm until 1 am. Music stops at midnight.


Homa Fine Dining


Homa is situated in the Lower Dorcol that seem to have become a very trendy part of Belgrade during the last several years when it comes to coffee culture, drinking and dining. Interior design of the restaurant is simple, dominated by white color and light that has been achieved with the help of milky white lamps in the shape of a sphere. Black metal tables that contrast with wooden chairs break the bleak and arid atmosphere of the restaurant. Inside, as well as in the garden, there is a large bar framed with concrete.

homa restaurant
Homa Fine Dining

Location of the restaurant itself is quite unique. Industrial zone is just round the corner, but customers can feel like they are sitting in an oasis of peace and tranquility. Specific menu, fusion cuisine, a mixture of flavors and tastes of local and international cuisines are the expertise of the main chef.

If you are looking for the finest Tatar steak in town don’t hesitate to visit Homa!


Reservations +381 63 259  156 what’s up/viber/sms

or send us email with subject: Homa reservation on stillinbelgradetours@gmail.com

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