bina 2020 beograd

Fifteenth Belgrade International Architecture Week (BINA) will take place from May 7 to 28 at several locations in Belgrade – Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Trg Republike – plateau in front of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Kolektiv Gallery, Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts, BINA Pavilion – courtyard of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphics Department, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade.

The focus of this year’s BINA programme is on HOUSING, which, due to its comprehensive nature, covers a number of sub-topics (urban solutions, residential areas, public spaces, green spaces, traffic solutions and communication, supporting functions, apartment organization, structural assemblies, materialization, details … ) close to experts as well as to the widest possible audience and immediate users i.e. to the tenants. Through a series of program formats: exhibitions, lectures, accompanying programs and theme walks, BINA will present quality achievements that have been realized in this area, with special reference to Belgrade and the region, as well as the contribution and achievements of our architects in the area of contemporary housing.

This year, BINA is celebrating 15 years of existence, during which period it has grown from an initiative of a group of enthusiasts into a relevant international event with a wide range of institutional and individual partners and has not lost the commitment and perseverance to open up programming space for the promotion and presentation of architecture in all its forms, at the cultural scene of Belgrade.

During this period, BINA has become a respectable event, with vast number of participants, associates and partners. Many institutions and organizations take part in realization of BINA programme, as well as great number of individuals. Exhibitions, lectures, educational programmes and round tables presented some of the greatest international names in the field of architecture and urban planning. All BINA programmes are free and open for the widest public. BINA became a distinguished name and reliable partner of international projects.

The main goal of BINA, festival of architecture, is to educate wide public with an aim to contribute to understanding, preserving, creating and improving of better-quality urban space. At the same time, it enriches the cultural life of Belgrade and Serbia through a variety of professional and popular programmes in the field of architecture and art. During the month of the festival, BINA produces new programs in the field of architecture in the broadest sense and hosts numerous international programs. In the period between two BINA festivals, programmes are hosted by republic and region.

For me, BINA is great joy of team work with colleagues and friends, permanent learning and self-improvement, permanent questioning and „creative mental gymnastics“. (Danica Jovović Prodanović, BINA team)

It is substantial to me that BINA always emphasized the importance of socially engaged architecture through the ideas of active, devoted architecture aiming towards the democratic urban environment (Jelena Ivanović Vojvodić, BINA team)

BINA is 15 years of consistent presentation of interesting, creative young architects, urbanists, art historians who gained their professional experience in very difficult times for the industry (Ružica Sarić, BINA team).

All BINA programmes are free for visitors.