The sixteenth edition of the Belgrade International Architecture Week – BINA will be held from April 22 to May 20, 2021, organized by the Association of Architects of Belgrade and the Cultural Center of Belgrade. The focus of this year’s BINA program is the Belgrade School of Housing, which covers a number of subtopics.

 This year, BINA is realized through four program units, and the intention of the organizers is to present quality achievements realized in the field of architecture, with special reference to Belgrade and the region, through a series of program formats – exhibitions, lectures, accompanying programs and thematic walks and presents the contribution and achievements that domestic architects have achieved in the field of modern housing. All BINE programs are free.

BINA’s focus is the central program unit, within which the study exhibition “Belgrade School of Housing: Case Studies” and a film program by Docomomo Serbia (author Tanja Damljanović Konli and technical associate Dragana Mecanov) will be opened in the Art Gallery of the Cultural Center of Belgrade.

This year as well as the previous ones, BINA exhibitions form the framework of the second segment of the event. In addition to the above-mentioned “Belgrade School of Housing: Case Studies”, five more will be opened. The exhibition “Cerak_40 years later” by the author and curator Milenija Marušić will be placed in the window of the Cultural Center of Belgrade, on the Republic Square. The exhibition “Architectural and Urban Competitions and Architectural Awards 2020-21” organized by the Association of Architects of Belgrade will be opened at the place, while current works by young architectural studios MAIN Architects and STUDIO OBE (Belgrade) will be presented as part of the exhibition “Bring Your Project” in the BINA pavilion, at the Graphic Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts. The exhibition called “Enough is enough” of the BETA Biennale from Timisoara, which will be opened at the Kolektiv Gallery, will present a series of local and international projects that said, “what is enough is enough”. The exhibition  “International  Piranesi Award” will be presented in the Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade, Piran Days of Architecture (Slovenia), and national selections of the best-realized works created in the last two years in 10 Central European countries. In addition to numerous educational programs, lectures will also be held “Contemporary Architecture” by international authors and “Women in Architecture” by Eva Vanista Lazarevic, as well as a traditional seminar “Architects, designers, practitioners“, important for connecting practice and professional companies. Within this segment, a presentation of projects by young architects will be organized.

BINA walks, free-themed walks through the architecture of the city, form a special segment and are intended for the widest audience. A full-day trip to Subotica is also planned. More information: