The topic of the 13th BINA Festival is focused on communications in architecture- communicating through architecture and spreading ideas about the relations and the city spaces. Communis means “common, community and sharing” and communicare “to do something in common”.  Architecture and architects representing the public interest, improving communities and communication which stimulates development of space, social processes and the cities.

There is the longstanding lack of affordable communication with architecture and architectural concepts, which is a basic human need. In the interactions with nature, objects, urban and common spaces,  as well as with heritage of the city and the new urban areas, we see the development of architectural ideas and communications with the users of the space and the return of architecture to its essence. Communication with the audience, including those “in” and “outside” the profession of architecture, BINA platform sets itself as a mediator, as a link, as a space for exchanging ideas and opinions among the widest population, professionals and the academic community of Belgrade and the wider region. Communication between citizens and the city is an essential relationship on which the development of society’s democracy in the future is based.

Established dialogues with the past through the imposing architecture of academician and professor Ivan Antic (1923-2005), with the present through the EU project Creative Europe, Sharing Cities: Creative Momentum (SCCM-Urban Hub 2) and visions of the future of the EU Platform Creative Europe / Future of Architecture (FAP), the BINA program will be dynamic and will attract the widest audience. Through the educational part of the program, city walks, interventions, actions, workshops, guest lectures, we will explore spatial practices and narrative techniques as well as media forms that best present contemporary architecture and design.


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