Drugstore crew is throwing a wicked party on the 26th and 27th of May to celebrate the 3 years of the techno cathedral! It shall last two days, both Friday and Saturday, and it shall happen at the location none have ever seen before – beyond all the doors you have seen until now!

Visual art  by Incredible Bob


DJ Dusan Kacarevic
DJ Boža Podunavac

After a night of exceptional energy that even got a veteran of Detroit techno Aril Brikha to extend his live set, Music Reactions crew continue to host artists definitely worth your attention.

With an idea to transform your clubbing experience into a full on audio-visual pleasure, in Belgrade based Drugstore Secret Garden, on May 26th, MR are hosting one of their favorite names of the world’s underground electronic music scene.

We welcome one of the most eminent artists of the famous KOMPAKT’s Artist Agency, French DJ and producer – NHAR! DJ Dusan Kacarevic and DJ Boža Podunavac will be there for local support.


Kristijan Molnar
Avoid aka Vladimir Acic

The special Parisian guy Shlømo to close the season V and open Summer Garden in the manner you all deserve!

This 28 years old DJ has been on the electronic scene since 2005 and at that time was influenced by names such as Warp, Apex Twin, Board of Canada. Soon, the warehouse parties inspired him to get into producing his own music. In 2013 he founded the Taapion label with AWB and PVNV and released his first EP the Harvest which brought him great attention and a place on the playlists of artists like Inigo Kenedy, Donato Dozzy.

Three years ago, he started doing live performances to the delight of his fans. Shlømo signed a remix for Antigone for AWB, and his collection of EP’s include Rechaïm and Titan. Its an atmospheric, suspenseful and hypnotic techno, perfect for cerebral and melancholic nights on the dance floor.

Tickets can be found at all Eventim Serbia selling posts and online
Phase I – 100 Two day tickets /SPECIAL PRICE/ = 600RSD
Phase II – Two day ticket = 800RSD
Phase III – Door – One day tickets on the night of the event