While for some beer represents summer refreshment for others it is an art of enjoyment in the finer things in life. Records regarding the beer brewing date from as early as Mesopotamia and Egypt, but it is only in the recent decade together with the craft beer revolution that home brewing is seeing the revival.

The third Serbian home brewers’ festival will be held on Sunday, July 6th at KC Grad, and it will be a unique occasion for you to taste the home-brewed beers and to take part in the beer revolution!


On that summer day, 25 home brewers, Majstora za pivo, are coming out on the field to play just for you. Some of them will have beginners luck, while others have years of experience. There are ones that are discovering their new hobby while others might be chasing their lifelong passion.

One thing is sure, everyone will be offering their best beers and it will surely be better then you have expected. You will feel the fullness of the malt, the bitterness and aroma of the hops and the scent of mint and oak. On that hopefully hot summer day, come to enjoy in the garden of KC City in the home-brewed unfiltered and unpasteurized beer, without any artificial flavors.
The program includes tasting more than 30 types of beer, voting for the best American Pale Ale, answers to all your questions about beer and its preparation, good music, a great team and a special guest: mini brewery The Black Turtle.

The total earnings will be for flood victims.

Cost is 500 dinars, tickets can be purchased at Majstor za Pivo home brew shop – Zorza Klemensoa 18. Belgrade or on-site at 16h on 6th of July at KC Grad – Brace Krsmanovic 4.The number of places is limited!