Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the cultural scene of Belgrade is not as opulent as we are used to. However, the cultural workers and event managers are trying their best to present quality content and keep up with the times. So, in this pocket-sized guide, we are presenting four events that might be worth visiting.

KinoChronics – International Human Rights Film Festival

The first KinoChronics Film Festival presented by the Human Rights House – Belgrade in partnership with HRH – Minsk, HRH – Voronezh, HRH – Yerevan, and EHRH – Chernihiv will take place on March 12–14.

The first edition of KinoChronics will run online and on demand only, allowing this year’s Festival to reach a global audience.

The programme will include eleven documentary movies from around the world, as well as two international online discussions with youth from Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Armenia. All movies are free to the public and available to watch throughout all days of the Festival.

The main aim is to raise awareness about common social issues, as well as to promote awareness about human and civil rights in all the countries involved. For us, it is essential to preserve and promote the freedom of our citizens, encouraging them to participate and speak.

Explore all the titles on the web page: http://kinochronics.org/program/

Find more information about the Festival’s youth discussions on the following link: https://forms.gle/4NEdRFrxJWwgwszg7

International Film Festival-FEST 2021

The upcoming, 49th International Film Festival – FEST, will be held from May 7 to 16, 2021, organized by the Center of Belgrade Festivals (CEBEF), under the auspices of the City of Belgrade and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information.

This year’s festival is held under the slogan “Back to the Future” with the intention of contributing to the revival of cinema and the return of film lovers to cinemas in the largest and widely known film event in Belgrade and Serbia.

“Selected with special attention, this year’s festival program will present more than 70 premiere films of the latest world cinematography in 7 program units, which the audience will be able to see in the cinemas of Sava Center, Kombank Hall, Belgrade Youth Center, and Cineplexx. It is especially important for us that next year will be marked by the 50th FEST, and in anticipation of this year’s jubilee, the FEST audience will have the opportunity to watch cult films on the big screen of the Sava Center that marked previous editions of the festival within the FEST program. “, stated director.

A new, re-edited version of the film “The Godfather 3” by the legendary director Francis Ford Coppola, made on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the first screening of this film, will be shown for the first time in Serbia at the closing ceremony of FEST. The last chapter of the saga of the Corleone family has been renamed: The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone, with which Coppola pays homage to writer and screenwriter Mario Puzo, and includes a title that was originally intended for the third part of “The Godfather”. For the needs of the new version, Coppola made a new beginning and end of the film and repackaged certain scenes, shots, and music.

For more information follow the FEST’s official website.

Primitivni ples exhibition by Dusan Lilic

Primitivni ples exhibition by Dusan Lilic

Join us at the new sales exhibition of graphics by Dušan Lilić called Primitive Dance, which will be on display every day from 12:00 to 20:00 until the end of April at Krokodil centar.

Each color has its own sound and each sound has its own shape and its own color. For Dušan, music and design are inextricably linked, and his prints are graphic representations of dance melodies that often play in our heads. During the pandemic, we were denied a whole range of possibilities, including the right to dance, go out and have fun with our favorite music. Although the dance floor is a secondary sphere of life for many, for some it is the main oasis of peace, and for some the only profession.

 Find more info on Facebook event

Symbol as a way of communication by Nemanja Obradovic  

Symbol as a way of communication by Nemanja Obradovic  

Rančić House Gallery, 12.03 – 06.04.2021.

  The solo exhibition of sculptures and reliefs “Symbol as a way of communication” by the applied artist Nemanja Obradović will be available to the public in Rančić’s house, the gallery of the Grocka Cultural Center, from Friday, March 12. The event will be presented without an opening ceremony, in accordance with health recommendations and protection measures.

The exhibition runs until April 6, 2021.

 – The young Belgrade sculptor dedicated the current moment and a kind of “break from life” that we are experiencing globally, to personal development and creative work. The result is before us. The selection of sculptures and reliefs within the exhibition concept “Symbol as a way of communication” with their harmonious forms takes us back to the childhood of man and art, where the clarity and conciseness of performances dominate, and the form expresses a symbol or idea. The works were performed by combining and confronting different techniques and materials, reduced and narrative solutions, with the associative organic form and warmth of wood dominating. The names of sculptures and reliefs such as Wave, Zeppelin, Flyer, Wind and Wings, Fruits … reveal the themes and motives with which the author expresses himself, showing his creative and personal relationship to the phenomena of shape and movement in space. Playing with artistic elements and abstracting concepts, accented with color, shows a tendency towards a complete and aesthetically determined art object – says Zorica Atić, art historian.