Belgrade might be a city of coffee lovers, but the city’s bars are no strangers to craft beer, amazing cocktails, hidden speakeasies and wine bars. Here is a short selection of our favorite wine bars in Belgrade. 


At the very heart of Belgrade, on the corner of Višnjićeva and Jevremova Street, there stands the Wine art wine cellar, a shop that captivates with beauty and represents an authentic mix of modern and rustic. The cellar has a wine shop and a wine bar offering a true variety of wines. In Wine art you can relax in a pleasant atmosphere and stunning interior and sip high-quality wines, both domestic and those from all over the world.

Podrum Wineart

Having a glass of wine in a lush garden that smells like lavender and olives is something that must be experienced firsthand.

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This popular French-style bistro is located at the lower end of upper Dorćol in the famous street of Strahinjića Bana (once known as Silicon Valley or Ostrich Valley) at number 52b. The bar tends to be packed with people at all times. Pastis offers variety of wines, and is open for breakfast.

Pastis is quite a trendy place, where people like to feel a little posh. This is also the place where British actor Ralph Fiennes spent a few mornings drinking coffee and reading newspapers while filming Coriolanus.

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Amelie is a popular Belgrade bar situated next to Palas hotel and the Museum of Applied Arts. It’s a French bistrolike place. The interior and exterior have been carefully designed and embellished with vintage details and flowers. In Amelie you’ll find mostly locals from the downtown Belgrade.  Locals enjoy drinking wine, sangria, beer and cocktails and often coffee during the day.

In case it gets too crowded try to find a seat on the bar’s upper floor.

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Serbian Wine tasting includes 4 Balkan wines accompanied with local hors d’oeuvre (1 for each glass). Wine tasting is presented in English, in one very chic tasting venue in downtown Belgrade. 

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Offered 7 days a week.

Session duration one hour

Groups: 2-20 persons

Price per person: 3200 RSD


Serbian wine tasting is set in one of the oldest parts of the city-Dorcol!  It is the most easy way to try a variety of local wines without leaving Belgrade.