Ready to explore Belgrade and discover its hidden gems? This pocket guide is made to help you get the most out of Belgrade’s urban culture!

korner coffee shop dorcol


Are you looking for authentic, local and independent coffee shops while you are in Belgrade? You are walking around Dorcol historical and you feel like grabbing a cup of hot coffee? We have found a right place for you-Korner Coffe Shop. This small coffee shop stands in Jevrejska St in the Lower Dorcol (Donji Dorcol), which belonged to the Jewish quarter before the bombing in 1940s. Lower Dorcol is known to be authentic neighborhood, rich with history and street art.

Korner has a cozy interior with sofas and serves great domestic and foreign types of coffee. Crowd is local and friendly. In case you like to eat something sweet and drink some juice with your coffee, don’t hesitate to order fresh orange juice and a donut.




Hidden place, situated in the penthouse in Savamala nightlife district. This unusual place offers various food events (African, Serbian, Asian…) and food workshops. Kompot is a great place for mingling with expats and locals. Visitors can pay for a meal, grab a drink on the bar and enjoy themselves in beautiful interior while meeting some new friendly folks. The entire main room is non-smoking, however if you are a cigarette lover don’t be frighten, because there is a nice room decorated with candles where you can sip your wine and enjoy your bad habit.


Soul Society


This club is situated in the former Evangelist church, which was constructed in 1940s by Otto Bartning, one of the founders of Bauhaus. However, due to bombing of Belgrade the church was never finished until the end and it has never served as a sacral monument. In 1988 it was transformed into the first alternative theatre in Belgrade-BITEF. Next to the Bitef, in the same venue stands Soul Society Club.

This genuine club has a rich music programme ranging from live jazz, soul and funk music. Prices are regular and the crowd is local.




You are an avid record collector, or just a hipster who wants to buy a record and pose for Instagram? Try visiting Yugovinyl, record shop that sells new and second hand records. So, guess where record diggers and DJs buy music while visiting Belgrade?

You can find a bunch of great music here, ranging from Yugoslav rarities to jazz, blues, pop, sould, trip hop. Prices range from 25e to 300e.  In addition, you can grab a cup of coffee or a scotch, since it works as a bar as well, and sometimes as a DJ venue.




You are on your way to discover Zemun historical and you feel hungry, but you don’t feel like eating in commercial venues on the riverfront. You might be looking for something more local and authentic, right? So, here is a secret place, which only locals from Zemun (in Sebian.Zemunci) know. The tiny restaurant is situated in the basement in the main square. Here you can eat the best domestic sausages (with mustard)  in the city and grab a local beer, or a scotch. This is what they have on menu.