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Walking down the streets of Belgrade you can come across a variety of summer gardens. More often than not summer gardens are tiny and stand on the sidewalks. Yet, the city is home to some very lovely and cozy summer places that might not be so easily spotted by newcomers or tourists. Thus, in this pocket-sized guide, we recommend 5 hidden summer gardens that might be worth your while.

Petit Jardin, photo credits Petit Jardin FB Page

Tucked away among the buildings in Pop Lukina Street, in close proximity of famous murals stands a relatively new bar Petit Jardin. A cozy garden is connected with a chic interior through a glass showcase that is often open. The garden is in the shade and the entire design is a blend of industrial, vintage, and modern design. It’s a great place to grab a coffee and a bite of delicious homemade pancakes with pistachio cream and Ferrero Rocher.

Location: Downtown Belgrade (Google map)
Prices: Average

Ljutic, photo credits Ljutic FB Page

Another comfortable and very colorful garden is located in the one very special part of the Oldtown (Serb. Stari Grad). Ljutic is designed in a mix of alternative and vintage styles with swings, sunbeds, and vintage-looking chairs and has a natural shade beneath the Fig tree. This hidden gem at 5 Stevana Sremca Street is mostly visited by locals. In the evenings, visitors can enjoy various DJ sets. The selection of drinks is satisfying, ranging from various types of rakia to mojitos and different kinds of coffee.

Location: Downtown Belgrade (Google map)
Prices: Average

summer garden belgrade
Mezestoran dvoriste

Mezestoran is amongst our all-time favorites. This restaurant is also very well hidden. Stands in close proximity to the aforementioned Ljutic, at 46 Svetogorska Street at the back of a residential building. This local place has a charming summer garden and during the day visitors can enjoy the sunshine and taste delicious Mediterranean meze while sipping wine from small local or Greek wineries. We would recommend Spring rolls, Croquettes chickpeas with tahini sauce, and baked feta cheese as appetizers.

Location: Downtown Belgrade (Google map)
Prices: average

A relatively novel hotel restaurant Pavilion is well-hidden at the very end of the Upper Dorcol (Serb. Gornji Dorcol). The entire space has an alluring modern and chic appearance and attracts the stylish city crowd and more ‘pompadour’, fashion-conscious travelers. If you are looking for a brunch or breakfast Pavilion might be a place for you.

Location: Upper Dorcol (Google map)
Prices: upscale

Pavilion restaurant

Overlooking the Danube River, in the ancient part of Zemun, Gardos, stands a tiny restaurant Galerija. Aged ‘Hungarian style’ house is a home to a restaurant known for international cuisine, and for a miniature summer yard with a view. Regardless of demand among the Zemun’s local population Galerija often stays unfamiliar to many Belgradians. Delicious Italian pasta is served here among other international dishes, but of course, you might just grab a glass of icy white wine and catch a ‘coastal’ feel.

Location: Zemun (Google map)
Prices: average