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Let’s start from the beginning with a short definition of microbrewery, also known as the craft brewery.

Craft brewery produces small quantity of beer, typically much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries, and is independently owned. Such breweries are generally characterized by their emphasis on quality, flavor and brewing technique and absence of additives. The craft beer expansion has started back in 1970s and today it represents the fastest growing market of alcoholic beverages across the world.

Microbreweries are focused on producing distinctive flavors of high- quality beer, as well as on finding creative and innovative ways to place it on the market. They usually stand out by design of the bottles, labels and brands.

Serbia, and especially Belgrade, has emerging craft beer market. In this article we will point out 5 MUST TRY local craft beer brands!

salto pivo


Salto is a microbrewery from Belgrade. Currently offers three types of beer: Pale Ale, Ipa and Wit. All 3 types are simply delicious and must try. If you are not fan of slightly bitter tastes I would recommend you to avoid Pale Ale and concentrate on other two more sweet and refreshing citrus flavors (like grapefruit, orange, tangerine, and elderflower mixed with aromatic hopes)

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Address: 24 Patrijarha Dimitrija St. 11000, Belgrade

dogma pivo


Dogma is another microbrewery from Belgrade. It’s located in the former Sugarhouse, near Belgrade fair. It offers variety of flavors: starting from dark beer with lactose, pale ale with caramel, pale ale with mango, orange and tangerine to white ipa and pale ale with quince or raspberry. Our favorite ones are: Miss Quince, Lighthouse and Raspberry hafeweizen. Dogma offers tap room and hosts live gigs.

belgrade craft beer

Address: 3 Radnicka Street, Stara Secerana, 11000 Belgrade

kas pivo


Another craft beer we just love. Microbrewery is located in Zemun, on the banks of the Danube River. There are 4 types of KAS beer: RYE INDIA PALE ALE, DARK RYE INDIA PALE ALE, MALTESE AMERICAN PALE ALE and LAGERILA INDIA PALE LAGER. All types have very rich and distinctive taste.

kas pivara zemun

Address: 4 Pregrevica St. Zemun


This is the best known Serbian craft brewery. The concept is inspired by Cabinet of curiosities that gathers all amazing tastes and smells of the beer world.

Our favorites are Brka and Disko.  Kabinet supports Serbian designers and they are in charge for design of the labels.

craft beer tour belgrade

Kabinet produces one interesting spead called Pivolada, made from beer with minimum amount of sugar. There are 3 types: Porter, Brka and Plavo.

You can visit microbrewery on Kosmaj Mountain.


dorcol pivara


This microbrewery is named after Dorcol-historical neighborhood of Belgrade. In this area you can find bars, such as Ljubimac for example where you can drink this authentic local beer. The bottle packaging is distinctive from other local beers, you can drink 0,5 l from “mason bottle”, in Serbia we call it Zidarsko pivo (Mason beer). The most famous types are Paklena pomorandza (Clockwork Orange-more feminine citrus type) and Zmaj od Nocaja (named after street on Dorcol).

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