Traveling to Belgrade soon? Today we are sharing 5 must see murals in the Lower Dorcol (Serb. Donji Dorcol) neighborhood.



The mural “Kiss” found its location on the dilapidated facade. The author was inspired by a famous couple from the Russian reality TV that promotes love and travel. The author is an architect, artist and street artist Andrej Josifovski, known as Pijanista (Eng. Pianist). Pijanista is an initiator of the street art festival “Runaway”, that took place in Bezanijska kosa and Donji Dorcol. The aim of this festival is to establish open air museums, where art in a form of murals and street art can be available to everyone living in, or visiting Belgrade!



Meeting of styles is an international event that has started in Germany several years ago. The idea is to gather street artists from different backgrounds and countries and promote street art, hip hop culture and intercultural exchange. So far, there were more than 300 meeting of styles events. 3 of them took place in Belgrade.

Foreign guests and local artist have collaborated and created two new murals on Dorcol!



One of the biggest murals in Belgrade is named I’m Akiko, and it stands on the facade of the concrete skyscraper on the 25th of May. The author is Pijanista. He was inspired by Akiko, peculiar little girl who is a symbol of rebellion. She stands barefoot on the corner of a chair. The girl is different than everybody else.   

The artist is tackling a problem of educational system that tries to put people in the box, without letting them stand out from the crowd. He criticizes the western education tendency.  

aim for the stars mural


Aim for the stars is another huge mural painted on the facade of the concrete skyscraper on the 25th of May. It’s a work of art by Artez, another great Serbian muralist. This mural is in a form of illustration and sends very clear message.



Deer is a third mural painted on the facade of the concrete skyscraper on the 25th of May. This huge and very colorful mural, that as well appears as illustration, is a work of art by established Mexican street artist Farid Rueda who creates impressive art pieces on the walls worldwide.

If you want to discover Dorcol’s street art book a Hipster tour or a Street art tour with workshop.