In Belgrade, the following month- March, is going to be super interesting for clubgoers and music lovers. We have made a short selection of our must-attend parties and live gigs.


Venue: Kolarac Endowment, Main Hall

Date: 10.03.2023.

Time: 8 pm

The sounds of Cuban music inspired George Gershwin to write the famous overture. Several decades later the same inspiration came to Efrain Oscher for the last movement of the Latin Dance concert. This work was specially written for the trumpeter Pacho Flores, who will join the Belgrade Philharmonic orchestra, and the young Felix Mildenberger. In the second part, we listen to music from Stravinsky’s Firebird ballet, which the composer conducted during his historic visit to Havana in 1946.


Venue: Bulevar Despota Stefana 115

Tickets: 1000 RSD

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Drugstore club

Date: March 3 at 11 pm

DVS1’s status as one of the world’s most revered DJs and prominent voices in the preservation of true club culture is built upon an all-encompassing love of music, deep respect for his craft, and experiences in the ‘90s midwest rave scene.


Plejboj is the finest rock band from Belgrade. Read on Wiki their Bio.

Venue: Strogi Centar club, Gospodar Jevremova 43

Date: March 8 at 9 pm

FB event

Tickets: 1500 RSD are available at the club.

PALMS TRAX | DRUGSTORE CLUB (Highly recommended)

Venue: Bulevar Despota Stefana 115

Date: March 17 at 10 pm

Cruising w. Palms Trax (UK) and Jeans (NL)
This time we are not cruising on the river, but moving to with guests from the UK, Holland, and Slovenia!
Tickets are available at Zaokret and Lift bars in the Cetinjska district. The capacity of early bird tickets is limited, and the first price is 1200 dinars! After that, the regular price of the ticket will be 1,500 RSD, while tickets will cost 2000 RSD at the door.


BIG ROOM: Palms Trax (UK), Schwabe, Ali Güney and Nikola Vemić

BLACK ROOM: Jeans (NL), Whitegirlsstudyplaylist (SLO), Stellarcompanion

Flyer: @floating_bstrd

Author@ Erik Smits Fotografie


Venue: Cumicevo Sokace 3, KULT club

Date: March 31 at 11 pm

Buy tickets at the door

William Djoko’s entire persuasion emits pure charisma. While his DJ Sets are drenched in both groove-laden house and rugged, motor-city techno (sprinkled with his famed frisky footwork of course) his productions don the same eclectic charm: flirting between playful, cut-for-the-club and trippy, mischievous percussions. It’s a unique approach to his artistry that is by far the pinnacle of his success thus far. Labels like Rush Hour, Voyage Direct, and Tuskegee have all had their own sonic slice, with NYC-based label Strictly Rhythm releasing the ever tantalizing ‘OMG’ and Desolat donning ‘Out of Reach’, William’s collab with label boss and good friend Loco Dice – the record was released on Dice’s LP ‘Love Letters’ earlier this year.