Numerous festivals, parties, and wine events are happening across Belgrade (and Serbia) this summer. In this pocket-sized guide, we have selected our favorites for July 2022. So, let’s kick off with our top 5:


Our first suggestion is the annual Palic Film Festival that takes place at the Palic lake summer stage and in cinemas around Subotica. This edition will be held from July 16 to 22 and it will gather a number of quality movies from the domestic and international markets. The festival encompasses two programmes: Official Selection and Parallels and Encounters.

“The Official Selection” of this year consists of 12 European achievements. The program includes films: “Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W. Bush” directed by Andreas Dresen, “As Far As I Can Walk” by Stefan Arsenijević, “No” by Dietrich Bruggemann, “Gentl” by Laszlo Csuia and Anna Nemes, “Rimini” by Ulrich Seidl, “The Beautiful Years” by Lorenzo Amico de Carvalho, “Sick of Myself” by Kristoffer Borgli, “Girl Picture” by Alli Haapasalo, “R.M.N.” by Cristian Mungiu, “Close” by Lucas Dhont, “Smoking Causes Coughing” by Quentin Dupieux, and “Final Cut” by Michel Hazanavicius.

While the competition programme “Parallels and Encounters” presents the films “Silent Land” by Agnieszka Woszczynska, “Fools” by Tomasz Wasilewski, “Borders of Love” by Tomasz Wiński, “Butterfly Vision” by Maksim Nakonechnyi, “A Feature Film about Life” by Dovilė Šarutyt, “Anatolian Leopard ” by Emre Kayis, “Cinema Sabaya” by Orit Fouks Rotem, “Wet Sand ” by Elene Naveriani, “Erasing Frank” by Gabor Fabricius and “Uncle” by David Kapac and Andrija Mardešić.

During the pre-festival program and the central part of the event, the audience will be presented with more than 130 films from all over Europe, in 15 different selections and program units. Most of the films will have their Serbian and regional premiere at the picturesque natural resort of Palic lake. In addition to the rich film programme, the audience will be able to enjoy a number of dynamic accompanying content – concerts, exhibitions, promotions, workshops, and master classes.

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Our second suggestion is a PIKNIK. On Sunday, at 17th of July in 12h Piknik (Picnic) takes place in the Kalemegdan Lower Town. The entrance is free. Visitors can bring kids and dogs. Burgers and drinks can be purchased at the spot. Music sectors are locals Little Lu, Thinker, and Feloneezy. Yoga classes are also happening.

Bring your friends and family and enjoy summer in the city!

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Next to our favorite Zvezda Open-air cinema, we would suggest the open-air cinema in Kvaka 22 and Kolarac Foundation in the city centre. Film selection most often ranges from movie classics from the 1990s to more up-to-date movies. There is no need for reservations, but you need to come at least 30 min prior to screening to buy tickets and find available seats.

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Kvaka 22


Iconic open-air techno club Barutana will host Nick Warren on the 29th of July. Mr. Warren doesn’t need any special introduction. Lovers of progressive houses and techno should use this opportunity to attend the party and have fun in Belgrade.

Tickets are available here.

Summer Love by Gorana Bacevac


Our last suggestion is an art exhibition entitled Summer Vibes: The city. It will be displayed at Novembar Gallery till July 30, 2022. In an attempt to capture the city as a tangible reality and intangible narration, ten artists – Milutin Marković, Pavle Banović, Snežana Zlatković, Sofija Pašalić, Kemil Bekteši, Marko Brogan, Nebojša Yamasaki Vukelić, Gorana Bačevac, Marija Avramović, and Stjepan Jukić – brought their own visual interpretation of the city – whether as an escape to the artificial, the city as fragment or city as a fountain.

The exhibited works create a common response to the question of the city as respite and its perseverance in the hot, sluggish summer – they provide an artistic reflection on economic, political, cultural, and other urban forms, functions, and social need structures inherent in urban society. To really see the city means to know how to enter it, and to be able to get out of it – ultimately, to see it outside the tourist hotspots. Summer is, after all, where you imagine it.

Venue: Novembar Gallery, Kursulina 22, Vračar

The website is available here.