Next to the popular domestic culinary scene, Belgrade can be proud of its rising variety of international and modern restaurants. Whether we speak of French, Italian, or Asian food or new Balkan cuisine an appropriate venue for fine dining can be found in the heart of the city.

Hence, we’ve made 5 suggestions of international (and modern) cuisine restaurants that you might want to visit while in the quest for Belgrade’s culinary delights.


Bistro Grad is a funky downtown restaurant. The ground floor appears more like a cool hangout bar with a DJ stand, while the first floor involves a genuine dining atmosphere. Next to an eclectic interior and a relaxed atmosphere, Bistro grad offers a mixture of Serbian, International, and Asian food.

breakfast in dorcol
Bisto Grad breakfast. Photo credits@stillinbelgrade

In this place, we tried delicious breakfast and coffee, but also prior to the premiere of Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain, we dropped by to have dinner and we really liked shrimp in tempura, Beefsteak, and Malvazija white wine.

Also, if you like tiramisu don’t hesitate to order it.


JAM, dinner party. Photo credits@stillinbelgrade


JAM (short for Just a Maestro) is a refined restaurant well-hidden in the Lower Dorcol neighborhood. Next to the lovely summer garden, JAM includes an appealing and comfortable indoor space for a smaller number of guests. The food menu is limited and bold. It offers several vegetarian specialties but also trademarks such as tartar steak and mouth-watering chocolate desserts.

We would recommend JAM for dates and more intimate hangouts with family and friends.


Homa fine dining. Photo credits@Homa FB page


Homa has already been a well-established fine-dining restaurant in Belgrade. And, yes there is a more “Serbian” version of Homa in Vracar. However, our favorite and definitely more genuine version stands in the former industrial area of Lower Dorcol.

Besides a relaxing summer garden, Homa has a very pleasant and eye-catching interior design. The food selection includes a blend of various flavors. International specialties are mixed with local ingredients, and guess what? The foreigners adore it.

We prefer tartar steak of course, but also duck and pot- a dessert made of chocolate and mint dessert.

The wine selection is also great. If you are into wine and food tasting we would be suggesting reserving your sits and ordering a tasting menu with wine matching.


Miamiam pumpkin dessert. Photo credits@Miamiam FB page


Miamiam (or just Yum Yum) is another funky local place set just around the corner of Kalenic market in Vracar historical. It’s a lovely city venue where you can have a dinner party with friends, or maybe celebrate a b-day, or just take your date out and savor the moment in your casual fine dining. 

An exotic fusion of Indian and French and otherworldly cuisines have found their place on the menu. Sip your sparkling wine, enjoy the atmosphere, chat with friends and kick off with tasting our favorite Vegetable ‘donuts’ with hummus with raspberry and grilled goat cheese with dressing to main courses from the Indian menu and finishing with currently must-try pumpkin dessert.

Miamiam desserts are indeed peculiar so don’t think twice.


New Balkan Cuisine. Photo credits@New Balkan Cuisine FB Page


The last restaurant we would suggest is Iva.  The new Balkan cuisine restaurant has lately become much popular among the visitors of Belgrade. It has a prime location- meaning Upper Dorcol. Culinary selection maintains to introduces an interesting mixture of local and Balkan-wide specialties cooked and served in an innovative way and with style. Speaking of wine selection we would recommend wine from the smaller wineries from the Balkan region.

Iva can be a good choice to kick off your night out and later move to one of the popular Belgrade clubs.