cool places in belgrade

We have again decided to write about new places (in Belgrade) which have popped up some time ago. Regardless of the economic crisis caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, we can agree that Belgrade is richer by a few cool places that might be worth attention. So, let’s start with:


Booka is a blend of a super interesting book store, a gift shop, and a cafeteria. Next to their own publications, visitors can find a bunch of cool ‘design’ items such as notebooks, socks, greeting cards, mugs of genuine local designers. As well, visitors can purchase records and posters and a few home decor items like wall decorations. Due to constant sales, a book lover can purchase 3 publications at the price of e.g. 1000 diners. Booka also works as a cafeteria. Meaning that book lovers can feel free to sit, grab a coffee and enjoy their leisure time.

Location (Lower Dorcol)


Located in the novel business building Mia in the Lower Dorcol, a pizzeria Emma offers Italian cuisine and cocktails. Refined interior design with carefully picked furniture (e.g. local and regional brands) opens a space for a wider crowd. Guests range from families to business and show business folks. We would naturally recommend pizza since it’s a specialty of the house. Prices are above average, however, the service is exceptional.


No Concept gallery, photo@NoConceptgallery


We have been mentioning this new art space for a while. However, it is good to highlight that art space (gallery) has been opened at Dunav (Danube) station in proximity to the popular techno club Drugstore. The gallery is a bold initiative of a local female entrepreneur and interior designer, who has an idea to revitalize a former public space and offer it to the citizens of Belgrade once again. Thus, No concept gallery hosts individual and group contemporary art exhibitions from young and prospective art and design students and emerging artists. The space is super interesting, as well as the selection of exhibitors. Currently, a lecture and exhibition of NFTs are scheduled.



Some time ago, this coffee shop has opened its doors in a famous Kralja Petra St. This cool and urban place stands right next to the Disciplina fashion store. As the founders are DJs, this place also hosts a popular radio show that features mixes of local, regional, and international DJs and producers and therefore supports the electronic music scene. On special occasions, guests can catch DJ gigs here, next to drinking coffee, gin tonic, and hanging out with the local crowd. Visitors can sit outside during the summer.



In the end, we decided to mention 808 house bar. We all agree that Belgrade is mostly known for its vivid nightlife and thus we would like to mention this place in our short guide. The bar gathers local DJs, groovy music, and the crowd who likes to drink, dance and enjoy music. Likewise, 808 stands in a former BIP factory and adds value to a ‘bar culture’ of Cetinjska St. House, disco, techno, and similar music genres are on the ‘menu’.