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Since the situation with the outbreak of the Covid-19 is far from harmless it is relevant to keep ourselves healthy, stay in shape, and keep our immune system active. However, since it is recommended to avoid crowds the best way is to do outdoor exercise and choose gyms which have good air circulation and sanitary conditions. Thus, in this article, we provide a few suggestions on places for sport and recreation.


25th May recreational centre

The 25th May – Danube quay is a great place for jogging. The air is fresh and you are doing exercise just right next to the river. The route starts from the Dorcol marina end finishes at Ada lake. The length is 7,5 km. If you are not in the condition to cross the entire trail you can just jog till the Brankov bridge and Belgrade waterfront and get a wonderful view on the historical neighborhood of Savamala and brand new Belgrade Waterfront.

Beton hala, Savamala

On this route, you will see several catchy murals from local and foreign artists such as the mural on the back of the building of KC Grad, famous Belgrade Madonna, or mural on the Sava Bridge.

KC Grad

Perfect time: morning, a.m. avoid weekends


Aquilonia fitness club

If you want to do weight lifting or cardio we recommend dropping by Aquilonia fitness club. The gym is located on the ground floor of the 25th May recreational center and unlike many other gyms in the city, this one is luckily not located in the basement. If you want to avoid the crowd come to do your morning and a.m. workout. While you are doing cardio exercise you will have a nice view of the river, the glass door towards the riverfront can be open and the circulation of air is good. This is our favorite gym in the Old town.

gyms in belgrade
Bar 25 stands next to the gym

Perfect time: morning, a.m. every day except Sunday when the gym is closed

ada lake belgrade
Ada lake Belgrade


If you want to avoid public swimming pools and swim in the open air we recommend visiting Ada. It is an island and a nature resort with a lake where you can enjoy your day off. There are different options for doing sports in Ada, such as jogging, playing golf, bungee jumping, riding a bike, swimming and yes Ada has plenty of nice cafeterias for relaxing, sunbathing, and drinking just next to the river.

ArchArtTour, Atelje Djir

Perfect time: morning, a.m. avoid weekends


Our favorite bicycle route stretches from Dorcol marina to Zemun quay. You can rent a bike in the Markoni bike rental and head for Brankov bridge where you will take the elevator and then cross the bridge.

Zemun riverfront

On the way to Zemun, you will see architectural pearls of Modernism such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade (MoCAB) which we also recommend visiting if it’s open, as well you will see the once-famous hotel Yugoslavia and a block of white housing unites called Belaci. You surely enjoy your trail down the river and the nature that surrounds it. The target of your ride should be a lovely neighborhood of Zemun that will probably overcome all your expectations.

Bike tours@bikecentral
Zemun cafeteria

You will get a special feeling like you are out of the city and you will get a chance to enjoy the gastronomical offer, beer, and coffee of Zemun’s restaurants and cafeterias and genuine atmosphere of this historical city quarter.

Perfect time: morning, a.m. every day

Tennis poster@pinterest


If you prefer to play tennis we can recommend Novak Djokovic tennis courts on the 25th of May. Tennis courts are open from 8 am to 10 pm. Prior to coming it is best to book your appointment. This outdoor sports center includes a children’s playground as well.
Another great option for tennis lovers are tennis courts inside the Kalemgdan fortress. The outdoor tennis courts are open from 7 am to 11 pm. Also, get informed on terms and prices online.

Perfect time: every day