oktobar salon


Nobody belongs here more than you

From Oct 11th to Nov 17th

Ex department store “Kluz”


This year’s 54th October Salon will be held from October 11th to November 17th 2013 in the former department store “Kluz” building in Belgrade for the first time.

The October Salon is the oldest and most distinguished visual arts exhibition in Serbia which has, throughout the years, dynamically transformed itself from a local review to an international event with a distinct accent on authors. Being a highly popular event in the city, around 50.000 visitors of different ages visit the October Salon during its six weeks.

 54 oktobar salon

After a succession of successful art directors and curators in the previous period, a public competition for the position was held this year and the Red Min(e)d curatorial team was selected. The team consists of Danijela Dugandžić Živanović, Katja Kobolt, Dunja Kukovec and Jelena Petrović, who are researching and discovering the possibility of new fields of emancipatory thinking and acting through the common idea of feminism from their different backgrounds of experience and knowledge (feminist theory, contemporary art, cultural production and activism). This idea branches through artistic and curatorial practices, processes of collective production of knowledge and their active relationship toward everyday life.


Exhibition Nobody belongs here more than you is about everyday life and the question how we see and understand (in)human nature today. The exhibition got its name from Miranda July’s book of short stories and its starting point is the Red Min(e)d’s Living Archive project. Together with artists, collectives and audience, various “(non)work stations” will be created: the Exhibition (artworks and performances), the Perpetuum Mobile (contributed video artwork and different audio, photo and text documents), the Audio/Video Booth (on-the-spot recordings and documentation of artist talks, interviews, presentations and debates), the Reading Room (book presentations and an online Questionnaire about understanding feminist politics within contemporary art), the Digital Oven (on-the-spot digitization, editing and uploading), the Forum (a place for discussions, talks) and the Curatorial School (lectures and workshops for writing and voicing out emerging subjects in the field of contemporary art). During the opening days there will be talks with artists, discussions, performances, as well as curatorial workshops about how to communicate artwork and approach building knowledge through the Living Archive.


The focus of this year’s Salon will be feminism that exists in practice, social imagination of a future that possesses the driving force of transforming everyday life and at simultaneously carries within a policy of responsibility to the society and the environment.


More information can be found on the website www.oktobarskisalon.org