A brand new pedestrian bridge that connects Belgrade fortress and Sava quay has been constructed in downtown Belgrade.

The pedestrian bridge is a metal-steel structure 75 meters long and 2.5 meters wide, with two smaller parts leading to the parking lot at Concrete Hall (Beton hala) and the park next to the staircase at the fortress.

In addition to the pedestrian bridge, an important element of the planned attraction is an abstract sculpture set in the middle of a large circular ramp near the Concrete Hall, which is  a joint work of British sculptor Richard Deacon and local artist Mrdjan Bajic.

Belgrade Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic has posted on his Facebook profile that the construction of this pedestrian bridge has provided a link between the quay and the old part of Belgrade.

Last night, on April 30, as promised, a pedestrian bridge was completed that connects Belgrade Fortress and Sava Quay. For the first time we have a connection between the quay and the old part of Belgrade, so now from the palace of Albania to the Sava Quay pedestrians or cyclists can come without crossing the street. The pedestrian bridge includes a sculpture that is a joint work of English sculptor Richard Deacon and our sculptor Mrdjan Bajic.

Goran Vesic highlighted on Facebook.