Rich with gastronomy and club culture, Belgrade as well stands as the ‘Mecca’ of coffee aficionados. Bars and cafeterias are situated almost everywhere around the city, and locals are eager to sit outdoors and enjoy endless coffee-drinking, chatting, and gossiping. Thus, following the above-mentioned local trends and lifestyles, we have decided to update our coffee guide for 2022, and select 5 of our favorite Belgrade coffee shops.


Savski Venac municipality is richer for another great coffee shop. On the ground floor of the historic Hotel Beograd, a tiny, but cozy cafeteria opened a while ago. Nicely designed, in a mix of a modern and Balkan style, this cafeteria offers a variety of coffee beverages, but also cocktails and Rakia shots. Next to serving drinks, it has its own (sweet) bread production.

If you prefer Berlin-like cafeterias, where you sit in a tiny space, or just stand outside and have your coffee do not hesitate to stroll over Balkanska Str.


Kafeterija is a well-established local franchise. Our favorite kafeterija (Eng. cafeteria) is set at the Student square, within a very close walking distance to PMF (i.e. Faculty for Mathematics). Locals are mostly sitting outside and enjoying the sun and coffee with friends. The place is tiny and like every Kafeterija it offers several coffee flavors, cold-press juices, and super delicious American-like cakes and cookies.

If you prefer the local (Belgrade) style of bars and cafeterias and a bit secluded places to sit outdoors do not hesitate to visit this hidden gem.


Eklektika, Photo credits: Eklektika Instagram page


Another modern Turkish, but also a Berlin-like place stands in Knjeginje Ljubice 12 St. in Dorcol. Next to a variety of coffee which you can order, this place as well offers Turkish delights like baklava for instance. You can also eat, catch wi-fi, enjoy electronic music, sit on the sidewalk and catch a bit of eclectic Dorcol vibe.

So, yes, feel free to wander around Dorcol and grab a coffee at Eklektika.



A super-designed and non-smoking cafeteria, Gir, popped up in New Belgrade some time ago. The novel cafeteria is a branch project of the Gir furniture store. Folks fond of product design, and coffee culture should definitely keep an eye on this place!

Modern design and overpriced coffee in a perfect setting, why not? Go for it!


Dorcol Platz. Photo credits: Dorcol Platz Instagram


Our favorite sunny balcony, Dorcol Platz, is the last spot that we will recommend in this short guide. A blend of industrial, arty, Amsterdam-inspired, Dorcol Platz is a great place for hanging out and grabbing a coffee and beer and visiting local markets.

We would recommend it to folks with dogs, kids, and others who prefer the Lower Dorcol esthetics, murals, and sunny balconies.


Don’t forget that you can find more recommendations in our old Guide to Belgrade Coffee Shops (still up-to-date we would say) and keep following us for more tips and recommendations in our A Guide to the Coolest Coffee Shops in Belgrade Part II , which will be released in no time.