mural, savamala

Mikser festival ended few days ago, and thanks to the initiative and action of creative people this year several new artistic details appeared in neglected neighborhood of Savamala, primarily a large mural painted on the facade of the building  in 51 “Karadjordjeva” street. The new mural titled “Waiting for the sun” is a work of Aleksandar Maćašev, and it gives a very different impression to passersby captured in nearby ruined and dirty facades of Savamala.

“Every year we make some visible results. Last year there were two parks, and now we got a great and distinctive mural. Also, many are focused on the completion of the Mikser Hausa that has now become a green oasis, and that is a recipe that will in the future be applied to the whole neighborhood and it will be the sign to continue the battle against the trucks and traffic even harder “- says Ivan Lalić  Mikser’s CEO.