Welcome to Dedinje. Bourgeois, but also a historical neighborhood of Belgrade which is home to unique museums, art galleries, villas, cafeterias and restaurants, and many other interesting venues. The aim of this pocket-sized insider’s guide is to take you to the most exciting places in this part of the city. So let’s kick off with:


Museum of Yugoslav History with Tito’s Mausoleum

Belgrade classic. A must-see museum, situated in perfect natural surroundings inside a unique modernist architectural piece. It provides insights into the history of SFR Yugoslavia and a review of Tito’s personal belonging, photos, and includes tombs of the Yugoslav lifelong president and his wife Jovanka Broz. Temporary exhibitions are on display as well, and more often than not are worth visiting. As well shopaholics can explore a museum’s souvenir shop which sells nicely design items indeed.


The House of King Peter Karadjordjevic (the First)

The stunning villa of King Peter I dates back to 1896. It was constructed as a summerhouse in a neo-renaissance style, enriched with elements of baroque. Next to the merchant Djordje Pavlovic, the king Peter the First was a dweller of this house until his last hours. Today, the house is renovated and open for visitors. This venue especially is interesting during art exhibitions and festivals. Mostly solo and group exhibitions of local artists are taking place here.


Gallery Legacy of Petar Lubarda

Gallery-Legacy of Peter Lubarda Gallery is situated in a villa built between the two world wars and includes one of the most important collections of Lubarda’s paintings. The painter Petar Lubarda (1907-1974) was the most recognizable Yugoslav artist and a symbol of post-war Yugoslavia. Visitors have the opportunity to see Lubarda’s works from his mature stage and get an insight into his opus. Among his other paintings, there is a famous painting Battle for Kosovo – which was painted in over thirty variants. Man and Beasts, another famous painting in a few variants as well, and Prisoner, which is the oldest painting from the 1942 collection, created during his prison days in a German concentration camp. The Legacy now contains 27 original paintings, 9 drawings, valuable furniture as well as Lubarda’s and his wife’s personal belongings.


Colakovic gallery-legacy

Colakovic gallery-legacy is yet but another masterpiece of contemporary architecture that stands in the beautiful natural environment. It belongs to the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade (MoCAB). Contemporary art exhibitions from the Yugoslav era, but also from more recent periods are on display together with publications and monographs published by the MoCAB.

Legat Colakovic


Museum of African Art

Museum of African Art is a lovely non-colonial museum. As a member and one of the co-founders of the Non-aligned movement the state and the people of Yugoslavia became closer with some of the African countries. Dr. Zdravko Pečar, first as a journalist and later as a diplomat and Yugoslav ambassador in seven African countries, together with his wife Veda Zagorac gained extensive knowledge of African history, culture, and art. Over two decades this couple managed to collect valuable examples of African art and other interesting objects, which are for the most part on display at the permanent exhibition of the Museum. As well, the museum features temporary exhibitions, guides tours, workshops for kids which take place in the museums’ garden. Once per year a fair that connects various African countries and states is organized and celebrates African culture, food, music, games, and customs and provides an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings.


Other venues:

Public aquarium and tropicarium

Another interesting place is a Public Aquarium and Tropicarium. It’s not so large in size, but it includes a variety of sea world that might be worth seeing such as piranhas, sea turtles, eels, and snakes… The atmosphere in this place is quite relaxing and kids-friendly.




This well-established international cuisine restaurant stands in close proximity to the Museum of African Art. Has a great sunny yard which is suitable for sitting and drinking coffee, as well as for having breakfast or lunch. Pizza is one of the specialties of the house. Breakfast is also worth mentioning.  



Mydan is another well-established international cuisine restaurant. It also offers a lovely sunny yard and a great service. We would recommend salads, meat specialties, and pasta.


House of Chocolate

This great new place popped up some time ago. As the name explains, this is a ‘house’ of chocolate and a perfect match for chocoholics. Take a sip of the hot chocolate, or just have a cup of coffee and grab a bit of delicious chocolate cake.


Java Coffee Shop

A tiny coffee shop design in industrial style – Java coffee is just around the corner from the Museum of African Art. This is a place where you can sit, grab the finest coffee, and feel like a local. Chairs are set on the sidewalks so you can feel the spirit of the neighborhood and mingle with locals.


In the end, if you want to take a tour around this neighborhood, get insights into Dedinje’s history, architecture and visit a Gallery-legacy of Petar Lubarda don’t forget to book our private Dedinje art and architecture tour here.