belgrade downtown

Welcome to Belgrade’s old town. Historical part of the city which houses old buildings, hip cafés and ice cream shops, restaurants, authentic Serbian kafanas, cobblestone streets, art galleries, museums and many other interesting venues. Our pocket-sized insider’s guide takes you to the most interesting places that recently popped up.


Another must-visit concept store is Jevremova 25. This lovely place is a mix of retail store, cocktail bar and a restaurant. You can find interesting local and foreign brands such as Yugochic, have some wine and enjoy the pleasant interior and lively atmosphere.

Address: 25 Jevremova St. 11000 Belgrade 

Bitters, a new cocktail bar is located in Kapetan Misina St. Old pharmacies from the 18th and 19th centuries held mixtures of distillates with various medicinal and aromatic plants that were used as medicine for many diseases. These elixirs, better known as Bitters, later became indispensable ingredients of cocktails, and this is where the title of the bar comes from. The finest cocktails are on the menu. Choose from a selection of classic to extraordinary ones and try something you actually never tasted before.

Address: 16 Kapetan Misina St. 11000 Belgrade 

Druid  is a secluded cocktail bar in a small street, just a minute away from the Belgrade Fortress. It resembles the American speak-easy concept, as there is no sign at the door that suggests that it is a cocktail bar, only the word “druid” written in lower case. But when you walk in and descend to the basement you’ll find yourself in an utterly fantastic cocktail bar. The bartenders are professionals who create miracles in your glass. All you have to do is choose the liquor base and the flavor you’d like, and leave the rest to them. When you open the door, with that lower–case inscription, just dash straight into the basement which houses this fantastic cocktail bar. They are exceptional at what they do. We recommend a sour cocktail with whiskey, Porto wine and white foam. The bar’s not really spacious, so in order to get a table, we suggest that you make a reservation before visiting.

Address: 1 Cincer Janka, 11000 Belgrade 

Cream of Scandinavia, a multi-concept space that offers a blend of local and Scandinavian designers at affordable prices. You can shop for clothes, accessories, home-décor and jewelry.

Address: 35 Gospodar Jovanova St. 11000 Belgrade 

If you are into local designers don’t forget to stop by Jane Doe design shop located across famous Pastis bistro. Here you can find interesting and unique items such as mugs, pillows, jewelry, accessories and some really nice pieces made by Serbian designers.

Address: 17 Kapetan Misina St. 11000 Belgrade 

Another place that can be worth your while is definitely Disciplina store in Kralja Petra. This modern store sells everything by Disciplina street wear. You can find unisex baggy pants, t-shirts, bags, sweatshirt, fashionable bomber jackets and catch some cool DJ gigs from local DJs and collectives.

Address: 70 Kralja Petra St. 11000 Belgrade 

Don’t forget to visit a new concept store Jane Doe in 25 Gospodar Jevremova St.  This is currently one of our favorite places for drinking gin & tonic and rose and enjoying in the carefully chosen interior design and the sounds of ambient and electronic music.

Here you can see exhibitions of young local artists, attend fashion events and gigs as well. Jane Doe concept offers a wide selection of local and foreign designer products from eye wear to fancy dresses, underwear and jewelry.


Mandarina is a tinny cake shop that popped up some time ago in Gracanicka St. In this colorful place you can find the most delicious cakes made by local pastry chefs. You can order take-a-way or enjoy their mouth-watering bites in the shop.

Address: 16 Gracanicka St. 11000 Belgrade 

Another must visit pastry shop is Ferdinand knedle. This delicacy has become super trendy among the locals and foreign visitors as well. Ferdinand knedla is a blend of traditional and contemporary knedla. Original knedla is a traditional winter delicacy from Vojvodina made of flour, potatoes and filled with plums. The idea-maker of Ferdinand knedla decided to create a new product from a traditional recipe by adding new flavors and fillings such as apricot, nutella, amaretto, strawberry, chocolate…Not to forget to mention that this delicious delicacy costs only 1 euro.

Address: 19 Cara Lazara St. 11000 Belgrade 

Ispeci pa reci is American-like cake shop located in Gundulivec Venac. Senka Pajic, the shop owner, inspired by American culture, Taylor Swift and Gilmore girls decided to make American pastry and offer it to local clientele. Ispeci pa reci offers delicious American pies, cookies, muffins, banana bread, cherry pie etc. for you to enjoy in the lovely interior design created by locally famous studio Petokraka.

pastry shop belgrade

Address: 34 Gundulicev Venac, 11000 Belgrade 


One of our favorite coffee shops is definitely Koffein in Uskocka St, located next to the main pedestrian district. Apart from various types of coffee, and our fav hot soya latte, this place has really cool interior design, friendly atmosphere and a nice yard where you can chill with your dog during the summer. And yes, Wi-Fi is excellent, so use it to work on your laptop while sipping low caffeine coffee, so you actually won’t experience caffeine overdose while working.

Address: 8 Uskocka St. 11000 Belgrade 

Another very trendy coffee shop is Kafeterija in Kralja Petra St. This gigantic coffee shop extends on four levels of the former Robna Kuca Beograd (the very first Belgrade shopping mall). This art nouveau architectural piece was designed back in 1907 by Viktor Azriel and represents a cultural asset of Belgrade. Kafeterija sells delicious coffee, pastries and cold-press juices. Ground floor is a non-smoking area. The basement includes a barber shop and a store called 285 that sells street wear by local fashion brands, as well as limited editions of Adidas and Asics sneakers.

Address: 16 Kralja Petra St. 11000 Belgrade 


This place can boast a unique concept and design comparing to other places around Belgrade. The interior and atmosphere are simple, yet enjoyable. Various flavors of craft beer are on offer, accompanied by food specialties. Endorfin is closely linked to the beer brand Kabinet, one of the finest Serbia’s microbreweries.

endorfin gastro bar
Endorfin gastro pub

When it comes to breakfast and brunch you can try homemade ustipci with kajmak and sweet of strawberries, poached eggs with avocado and a mix of green salads or just a crispy brain burger with a smoothie. For lunch or dinner don’t hesitate to order a steak or a drumstick in beer sauce and enjoy craft beer tasting. Their chef makes not just delicious finger and American food, but also more sophisticated specialties.

Address: 3 Brace Jugovica St. 11000 Belgrade 

Craft beer + walking tour is available here.

Wok republic is a new Asian fast food joint where you can sit inside, order Asian specialties from your home or takeaway. The new food joint is situated in Francuska street, near the National square. You can watch Asian chefs prepare your food through the glass kitchen. Specialties are to die for, ranging from general Tso’s chicken, Bombay chicken, Spicy noodles to Bejing Pork and vegetarian options.

Address: 5 Francuska St. 11000 Belgrade 

For travelers who would like to explore the main landmarks of Belgrade we can recommend Downtown culture & history tour or Design and Coffee shop tour. And for those who would like to explore more contemporary side of Belgrade, drink the finest coffee in town, shop and try some artisan ice creams and cakes we would recommend Creative, Hipster or Vracar & Palilula tour.