Welcome to Belgrade’s nightlife district Savamala. Historical and former industrial part of the city which houses old buildings, hip bars, restaurants, art galleries, clubs, rafts and many other interesting venues. Our pocket-sized insider’s guide takes you to the most interesting places that recently popped up.


Prozor is a contemporary art gallery mostly focused on creativity of young authors. Their program includes live performances, music events, exhibitions, debates, presentations and digital meetings with the aim of improving and decentralizing town’s cultural scene, but also connecting young authors and promoting interdisciplinary approach to artistic production and interpretation.

Address: 9 Koce Popovica St.


Ambar is located in the famous Concrete hall (Beton hala) on the Sava riverbank. The concept of the restaurant is based on modern Balkan cuisine. This is currently one of the most popular restaurants in Belgrade. Guests have an opportunity to relax in quite a pleasant atmosphere and absolutely gorgeous interior design, and taste exquisite culinary delights which are a fusion of many tastes and flavours. Ambar offers unlimited lunch and dinner menus  including over 70 delicious Balkan-inspired dishes for 2990 RSD per person with 50% discount for children.

Address: 2-5 Karadjordjeva St. 


An interesting concept of Tesla restaurant is strongly inspired by life and work of the distinguished Serbian-born scientist Nikola Tesla. The entire food selection is carefully chosen with an aim to offer a variety of culinary specialties from all countries in which Tesla lived during his life. The restaurant’s space includes ground level with a bar, upper more intimate level with booths and a basement which houses a small museum dedicated to Tesla’s innovations. In the museum, you can watch a documentary on life and work of this great scientist, enjoy in 3D reality and see replicas of his inventions.

Address: 21 Karadjordjeva St. 

SALON 1905 

Salon 1905 is situated in the historic Geozavod building known for its impressive high ceiling, Baroque and Art Nouveaux blends of marble, brass and gold.  One gets overwhelmed by the feeling of grandness when entering this quite opulent space, a space the like of Paris or Vienna. What is perhaps even more fascinating is the fact that you feel very much at home in the midst of all this lavish luxury. The restaurant is divided into a bar / lounge area, decorated by a large oak bar and the dazzling colors of various bottles in it, and a spacious, yet intimate dining area. The kitchen offers meals which are still in the signature Salon style: simple but powerful. Cuisine is Italian & French.

Address: 48 Karadjordjeva St. 

remix gastro bar


Remiks Gastro bar, a new trendy place in town is located in a warehouse where Mikser house used to operate for several years. Guests can drop by during the day or even better in the evening and have a glass of champagne or aperol spritz and have some delicious bites. Refined ambience, enriched with modern design and soft electronic music will not leave you indifferent.

Address: 46 Karadjordjeva St. 


Martinez is a new trendy bar/club situated in the same former industrial building as the aforementioned Gastro bar.  It’s a perfect place for spending your night out with friends while drinking cocktails and dancing. Music is oriented towards mainstream house and techno. DJs are mostly local ones.

Address: 46 Karadjordjeva St. 


Taman is a small night bar and a club situated in a loft, on the last floor of the Mladost-Ludost music cluster. Here you can hear some good-quality electronic music from disco to deep house and even techno. Taman works until 4 am. Djs are mostly locals.

Address: 44 Karadjordjeva St.