pardon my low res


Monday, 13/10/2014, 20 : 00 – 19/10/2014

Aleksandra Prhal – Pardon my low-res: remixed

Location: KC GRAD, Brace Krsmanovica, 11000 Belgrade

Aleksandra Prhal is a painter turned advertising designer and art director, and very successful one. This time she is presenting a non commercial project, not in painting but in photography. Her field of experiment is low-res photography, because of the instant documentary capturing.

After a successful last year exhibition Belgrade, pardon my low-res, which introduced the audience with both technological capabilities of different gadgets as well as her sumptuous talent for recording incidental moments of everyday life of the city, Aleksandra Prhal new exhibition makes a step further – introducing the work and other spaces and new, unique art procedures, formal paintarly experiments not common in photography.

Based on low-res photos, the collages are being made by multiplying details and playing with the color spectre, thus representing multilayered remix, showing roots in futurist painting models of representation of movement, but are static at the same time, depending on the focus and angle of perception.

Not only by the way they were created, the collages are unique because the observer is left with the opportunity to choose the layer of the remix he would follow- indulging in wandering the world, knowing that the journey through space is more important than reaching the goal.