This year’s manifestation Night of the Museums will host an interesting event entitled All Girls Street Art Jam, which will bring together the most interesting street artists from four countries. Event will take place on the 19th of May with an aim to promote women in the street art scene.

Fantastic artists from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France and Serbia will present their work on the facade of the cultural center Dorcol Platz as a part of the All Girls Street Art Jam event on May 19-20.



Nataša Konjević / Bosnia & Herzegovina

Kaldea / Francuska

Jana Danilović / Serbia

Milica Grujičić / Serbia

TKV / Serbia

On 19 May at 7 pm, all interested people can come to hear participants experiences and opinions, as well as their perception of street art and how it affects the public space. The talks will be conducted by art historian Ljiljana Radosevic.

The event itself is an official part of the Museum Night 2018 program.