The first Americana Festival was held last night at the Youth Center of Belgrade. This is a atypical musical event for our region, based on a mixture of American folk and indie-rock. Although it meant a concert evening where visitors sat and listened to Americana music genre, which is waiting to be discovered, the Great Hall of the Youth Center was packed with about 600 guests. This festival has shown that in Serbia there are people who enjoy Americana, and therefore space for expansion of this music genre.

The performers were 4 bands, singing in english: Wooden Ambulance from Subotica and Belgrade band Stray Dogg, On Tour and Anna Ćurčin.

The concert was conceived as an interactive evening in the form of back-to-back, that made the gig more dynamic and interesting. In this way, it has offered a unique experience to all lovers of Americana. At any moment  two bands stood on the stage and alternately interacted with the audience, they played their songs, and joint processing of other bands, which are specially prepared for the occasion. Visitors had the opportunity to participate in a very different form of interactive concert performance in a completely uncharacteristic way of enjoying the good vibrations of Americana.

In the first part of this musical event, on stage were On Tour and Wooden Ambulance, who turned giving each other a response songs. In the same way, after those bands performed Stray Dogg and a young singer-songwriter Ana Ćurčin.

“I am very grateful to the organizers who have gathered these wonderful bands and enable us to perform together at the Americana Festival. Wonderful feeling to perform with such great, talented and sensitive musicians,and I’m very glad that the audience gathered in such numbers and react as we could only hope – in the best way they shared with us every song, emotion and change that we have experienced on stage ” said Ana Ćurčin.

This was a unique opportunity for bands to gather together and communicate in their own territory with Belgrade audience.


A continuation of the Americana Festival will be concert tour of Stray Dogg. During the June and July the tour will include 10 cities in Serbia (Gornji Milanovac, Čacak, Kragujevac, Jagodina, Bor, Zaječar, Zrenjanin, Kikinda, Bečej, Senta) , where local population will have the opportunity to hear the musical genre that relies on American culture.

The project was supported by the U.S. embassy in Belgrade.

The tour:


21st June – Gornji Milanovac
22nd June – Čačak
28th June – Zaječar
29th June – Bor
5th July- Kragujevac
6th July- Jagodina
12th July- Kikinda
13th July- Zrenjanin
19th July- Senta
20th July- Bečej