emme szabo


by Emme Szabo 

October 22-3 November 2013 

Dom Omladine, Belgrade  

Born on February 29th 1984 , Emma Szabó is multi-media artist based in Berlin, Germany. After finishing Secondary Music School in Belgrade, she enrolled Art History Department at Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. She graduated at Photography department, Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade.

Since 2008, she was working as a stage photographer at Yugoslav Drama Theater (JDP) in Belgrade, where she was engaged in more than 20 stage projects. Many of her work were published in various publications, magazines and daily newspapers ( Status, NIN, Novi Magazin…)

emme szabo

Emma Szabó, a multimedia artist from Belgrade, throughout  intimate narrative deals with the concept of freedom where the key thesis of work represent hard defined borders in contrast to many limitations that are clearly existing in the sociopolitical circumstances of the present time.  The exhibition includes a series of photographs and video installation  “Room With a Point of View.”