The exhibition “In the Gorges of America” ​​in the Balkan Cinema will be open to the public from April 8 to 22, 2021.

The works of three authors will be presented at this exhibition: the video work “Sounds of the Homeland” by Mladen Miljanovic, the sculpture “Yugo America” ​​by Rados Antonijevic, and the installation “America” ​​by Nenad Malesevic. The title of the exhibition makes a clear remark on the title of Karl May’s novel “In the Balkan Gorges”, in which the Balkans are stereotypically interpreted as a wild, untamed territory ruled by violence and robbery. By inverting stereotypes and introducing personal, collective, or historical experience, this setting builds on a re-examination of the meaning of toponyms and the notion of America. The exhibition was produced by the Sasa Marcheta Foundation.

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