milos gazdic 

  Izdaja / Betrayal
Photo Exhibition – Miloš Gazdić
Kulturni Centar Grad 
opening 29.04.2013 at 20h
util 05.05.2013. 

Through a simplified narrative composed of universal visual archetypes, Miloš Gazdić wants to ask about our own ethical values ​​and the choices we make in life.

Beauty, possessiveness, domination, aggression, materialism, craving some of the elements that extend through photographs carrying the message of the need to believe in something, and that something materializes and create, possess own personal or as part of a global identity.

Out of metaphor and complexity as the artistic language  is quite simplified. There is no visual or excess multiplying aesthetic decorations, but obvious symbolic elements that are widely known to us. Part of today and the collective mind is identifying themselves through a strong visual message that we all transmit.

And what happens with the basic human values ​​and beliefs?

In his art moral context and overview of the moral debasement leads each photo, and puts us in the position of the observer is very obvious narrative that is unfolding before us. Do we really use our believes  in what we apply to our daily lives and the choices that we  actually make ? that is the theme of this exhibition.

milos gazdic



Born in 1974, in Belgrade, Serbia. Spent last 10 years in various European countries. Currently living in Budapest, Hungary, while working in Grey Budapest as chief creative director and freelance photographer.

In photography since his teenage years, working both as enthusiast / amateur and freelance, professional / commercial photographer covering in his career wide variety of fields, such as: advertising, portrait, table top, landscape, fashion, clubbing & travel photography working for clients like: Vodafone, Vip telecom, Pepsi, Macedonian Telecom, various fashion brands & designers, etc.