Art Exhibition: Pod Kontrolom (Under Control) by Nemanja Ladjić 

14th-31st May

Opening on the 14th of May, at 19 h 

Remont Gallery


Exhibition “Under control” includes three videos dealing with the problem of digitization in a different ways.

Each video presents one possible, or almost possible situation, which is on the border between today’s digital world and the real world. The videos titled Still life and Cave can be divided into an experimental short form. The third setting with a mirror is interactive and based on the software, so the entire visual content arises of what is happening or happened in a given space. The works were created in the past two years.




– Sint Lukas Brussels University, Transmedia program, Brussels, 2009 – 2011

– Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, 2003 – 2009


Solo exhibitions:

– INLIGHT!, Magacin u Kraljevica Marka, Belgrade, July 2009

– FRAGILE, Cultural center Sopot, December 2008

– START FEST, NS Center, Novi Sad, November 2008

– FRAGILE, Cultural center «Studentski grad», Belgrade, February 2008


Selected group exhibitions:

– Luftiranje, U10, Belgrade, August 2012

– Without Further Delay, Cultural Center Grad, Belgrade, May 2012

– What I Do, Magacin u Kraljevica Marka, Belgrade, January 2012

– TRANS GRAD EXHIB 2011, Transmedia, Sint-Lukas, Brussels, June 2011

– Some Space Left, Garage L’Olivier, Brussels, March 2011

– Dreaming of a point at which parallel lines converge, CC Forest, Brussels, June 2010

– Night of Museums, First Belgrade High School, Belgrade, May 2009

– Progressive hopes III, Cara Lazara street, Belgrade, July 2008

– Stretch Media Art Biennale ”Oktopus”, SKC, Belgrade, December 2007

– Start Fest, Novi Sad, October 2007

– Progressive hopes II, Magacin u Kraljevica Marka, Belgrade, July 2007

– Exhibition of awarded works, Faculty of Fine Arts and SO ”Savski Venac”, Belgrade, June 2007

– Festival of Free Culture, The Club of Youth, Belgrade, 2006

– Progressive Hopes, Cara Lazara street, Belgrade, 2006