Opening of the exhibition “The phenomenon of reflection as a method of own artistic research” will be on Friday, April 3rd, 2015, at 19 h, in the gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts.
mirjana djosic


Paintings and collages

Friday, April 3, 2015 in 19 hours

Faculty of Fine Arts

Knez Mihajlova 53, Belgrade

In her doctoral artistic thesis “Phenomenon of Reflection as a Method of Own Artistic Research”, the artist Mirjana Đošić introduces us to her world of mirrors and allows us to peek into that world. With the self-portrait as a starting point in the work, we reach large framed parts of the face, presented in an unexpected oversized way, all the while playing with matter and material. In Mirjana’s images we can feel the difference in the fine structures of male and female faces, men’s sharp mustache lips or gentle kissing female lips.

Reflections in her paintings reach new dimensions and do not necessarily appear in the form of a self-portrait, but more in the form of some kind of mirror in which we find landscapes and cities as real postcards.

In addition to traditional painting technique oil on canvas, Mirjana completes her artistic expression with the use of collage, as well as pencil and pastels, and sometimes deliberately leaves parts of the image unfinished, and using it as another type of her tools. By integrating all of these artistic elements, which are woven into the fabric of the large format canvas, we obtain a visually recognizable form of the rich and warm colors of her image. Through the patient artistic process, playing with the human face, using the reflection of the eye, glasses and mirrors, the artist presents the world around us as she feels and sees it.

Art is an open process of creating and can never with certainty predict its future course. There are countless ways that lead to overlapping and variation of different techniques which the artist will use in his future work. It is this uncertainty in the process of creation which represents Mirjana’s greatest challenge.