art collectors


ARTIST COLLECTORS is an organization that was created from the need to spice the
uniformly drab and the noise of the city with colors and the sound of good music. The
performance, visual arts, music, various handicrafts or any other form of creative expresson
through us will find the path to the right audience. As a new organization that that is growing
slowly and wins the artistic scene in Serbia, Artist Collectors emphasis on new, young, so far
different and unestablished artists from, the above mentioned spheres of art, what makes us
unique in this region.
The aim of the organization is to bring around the artists from different spheres and to enable
them to expose their works and present them to the interested audience in the best possible light.
Whether dealing with painting, dance, design, performance, fashion accessories, making
jewelry, clothing, tattoos, graffiti, film, photography, acting, theater arts, literary work, any form
of art, Artist Collectors wants to cooperate with them. There are no restrictions in the disciplines
until they are in the service of beauty, fun, interesting, innovate, attractive, and even extreme.

We are actively working on the revival of the Belgrade art scene and we enable to the audience,
that is nowadays confronted with a lack of quality content, to see that quality still exists in the
form of interesting, active and brave people who have found their expression in art.
Interested in how we do so? By organizing exhibitions, concerts, festivals, parties, shows and
various forms of public appearances. Our first activity will be organizing a sale exhibition of
unique items.
More about us you can find through our facebook page:
or via mail address